Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Ksino Debuts Collection With 2 Lovely Ladies


KSINO, the premium apparel company announced that it has signed exclusive celebrity spokesperson agreements with two of poker's hottest players Lacey Jones and Leo Margets. Both Jones and Margets are competitive players in the WSOP and have attained serious player status, gaining notoriety as much for their poker skills as for their physical beauty. 

KSINO is quickly gaining its own reputation as the clothing line for both men and women living and loving a fast-paced lifestyle. Their website offers exclusive videos that follow the exploding brand on their global travels, as well as a loyal following on their Facebook fan page. The brand has chosen to sign exclusive agreements with the two players who speak to that lifestyle.

"To say that I am thrilled to have Lacey and Leo as brand ambassadors is an understatement," said Alex That, President of KSINO. "They are two very beautiful women who are also very talented poker players. They turn heads at the tables not only for how they look, but for how they play," he continued. "That's what KSINO is about, playing great and looking hot while doing it."


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