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"Just As New Bloom Spreads Fragrance And Freshness Around,
May The New Year Add A Beauty And Freshness In Your Life"





Jessica Parker & Broderick's twin girls spotted in LibraKnits

Superstylish celebrity mom Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted out and about in New York this weekend with husband Matthew Broderick and their six-month-old twin girls, Marion and Tabitha. The girls looked adorable in matching fuzzy pink onesies, and they were both wearing the cold-weather baby accessory of the season, the LibraKnits Re sa Cap.

In fact, fashion forward moms all over the country are choosing LibraKnits hats to keep their babies cozy and stylish. This unique company is offering only the most luxurious, posh hats on the market, in a variety of styles. The hats are knit by hand out of only the best materials found around the world, from silk, bamboo, and angora to the softest organic cotton available. Each hat is handmade for the special baby whose mom is at the peak of the fashion trends. They are offered in an array of flattering colors to make each baby look his or her best.

Created by inspirational work-at-home mom Amanda Sawyer, the quality and comfort of her products is guaranteed. Moms want the very best for their babies, and Sawyer has met the challenge to give it to them since January 2008. Her vogue infant hats are flourishing among new moms who refuse to sacrifice style just because they have children. "Our goal has always been to create the most stylish baby products we can," says Sawyer. "When someone as fashion-forward as Sarah Jessica Parker is willing to dress her babies in our hats, we know that we've succeeded."



Wednesday, 30 December 2009

2010 New Year Eve Dress Code : Preen's Power Dress


The economics of the party-dress industry works like this: big brands pay good money to the right actresses and pop stars for wearing their clothes to the most glamorous events. Payment may take the form of a lucrative advertising contract, or an all-expenses-paid, private-jet-and-Paris-Ritz freebie, or a discreet five-figure bank transfer – but in some form, the transaction is monetised. The only "in" for a small designer hoping for A-list patronage is to create something so unique and one-of-a-kind that a star decides to wear it in order to secure style-leader status. So, here's a fashion brain-teaser for you: how does Preen, a small London fashion label without an advertising budget let alone a private-jet budget, manage to pull off Kate Moss, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cheryl Cole and Rihanna all squeezing into an almost identical dress?

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By magic, that's how. Because that's what the Power dress is: old-fashioned magic. The dress a fairy godmother might conjure up for you if you had a hot date (and a fairy godmother). Created by British design duo Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi in their London studio, and perfected over the course of three years, the Power dress is the ultimate modern party dress: sexy, cool, understated. That it has become near-ubiquitous on the party pages while remaining unidentifiable to those not in the know is testament to its sleight of hand – this is a dress that trains the spotlight on its wearer, not itself. Oh, and there's one more thing: stretch elastane, a 1950s corsetting fabric, which forms the base layer of the Power dress. The fact that this dress takes around an inch off your waist and flattens your stomach surely doesn't hurt.

When the Power dress was born in September 2006, Preen was already a decade-old veteran of the British fashion scene. But this dress – short and sculptural, with a flatteringly fluid layer of satin draped over the steely inner elastane like the icing on a cupcake – was sexier, more va-va-voom, than what Preen had done before. The next day, the phone rang: Kate Moss wanted the dress.

"That seemed like a good sign," recall Thornton and Bregazzi, with typical understatement. Indeed. But buyers were less keen. Some boutiques that had previously stocked Preen even skipped their order that season. "They said, 'It's too tight. We can't sell it,'" remembers Thornton. But when the stock hit the shopfloor in early 2007, those buyers who had embraced the Power dress found they had a hit on their hands. Within a week, Selfridges and Net-A-Porter were both on the phone placing repeat orders. Amy Winehouse wore the dress in yellow, with a black bra, to the Brits, showing the Power dress at its most rock'n'roll; Gwyneth Paltrow wore it in black to the Iron Man premiere, "which made people realise it could be chic, too", says Thornton.

Thornton and Bregazzi have been together for 14 years, and working together for 13. In the tediously mannered fashion scene, where designers affect ever more ludicrous eccentricities in lieu of having anything interesting to say, they are brilliantly normal. When they are designing, says Bregazzi, "Justin will show me a sketch and I'll say, that's lovely, but where would you put your boobs?" They have a daughter, Fauve; not long ago, on Fauve's first birthday, they got engaged. For the first six months, they took Fauve to work every day – first in her moses basket, then in a playpen and highchair. It wasn't until the day she brought a high-level meeting in Selfridges boardroom to a standstill with her high-decibel raspberry-blowing that they hired a part-time nanny.

Their down-to-earth attitude has been key to their success. Where other young British designers are hampered by a too-cool-for-school attitude that drives them to reinvent themselves each season for fear of being labelled dull, Preen have felt the wind in their sails and held steady. As Melanie Rickey, Grazia's fashion editor at large, puts it, "what they've done, which a lot of designers fail to do, is realise when they're on to something, and stick with it". The Power dress has become a constant, although refined slightly with each season – sometimes with a peplum, sometimes with a bubble skirt, and now also in a longer "ripple" version that, says Thea, suits fuller body shapes.

Like the Roland Mouret Galaxy dress before it, the Power owes as much to what it suggests as what it reveals. As Rickey puts it, "it's as sexy as Herve Leger, but much subtler. It doesn't expose your anatomy in the way a bandage dress does. It somehow makes small boobs look bigger and big ones look smaller; it literally forms you into this incredible shape." Laura Larbalestier, designerwear buyer for Selfridges, pinpoints the Preen customer as the woman "who wants to go out and look good but not too girly. She wants a bit of attitude. It's a cool girl's way of looking sexy without looking like she's tried too hard."

Will the devil still be wearing Prada this New Year's Eve? We'll probably never know. Because even if he is, everyone will be looking at the girls in Preen.

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Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Zellers offers The Creativity Collection by Paris Hilton

The Creativity Collection by Paris Hilton is now available at Zellers across Canada! The whole line was created and designed for teens and young adults. The line consists of scrapbooking accessories, albums and embellishments for the consumer to personalize their memories, objects and fashion accessories.

"I am so excited to be working with Wooky Entertainment to launch Paris Hilton, the Creativity Collection in Canada," explained Paris Hilton. "These fashion kits reinforce creativity and individual style. I hope my collection will inspire young women and give them a greater sense of accomplishment and self confidence."

Paris Hilton is doing a monthly blog on In December, Paris is showing us a gift box she made for her sister Nicky for Christmas with the scrapbooking layout concept. "The gift box is a fun and easy way for everyone to add a personal touch to a gift. It's easy and so appreciated." In January, Paris will share with her fans and other scrappers the importance of high self-esteem.

Wooky Entertainment


Monday, 28 December 2009

Bridal Fashion Jewellery Authentic and Fine

As the wedding fashion jewellery breadth and intention flood the advertise, the buyer regularly finds that making a select is getting to be a tough errand. However, effective with a few plain instructions does go a long way in ensuring that you gather out the right wedding fashion jewellery.

Budget – It will help tremendously to work within a plan when you do set out to buy fashion jewellery for your wedding. Most fashion jewellery food have very posh gear along with worse priced jumble too. Indeed looking for the pieces that accident within your array will help make a better abundance. Looking at the high end stuff will cause you disappointed in the ones that you can actually offer to buy. So forever set out the finances and look for fashion jewellery in that extend.

Match – Indeed it is very important to attain the fashion jewellery with the outfit that you expect to carry it with. So in dispute, it is a sallow gown from the Victorian era that you have selected, it will help to pick out a create that complements this dress. If your neckline is low, go with superior spit pieces, however, if you have elected a dress which has a cruiser peninsula then it will work better to have larger earrings instead.

Far sighted – Wedding fashion jewellery is typically a pricey buy and, save you desire to be fixed with an embellish that you are never able to scuffing again, it is better to buy bridal fashion jewellery that can be damaged with other garments too. When export for your trousseau it will help to buy different types of designs, to have a larger brand in your collection slightly than sticking to one particular manner.

Investment – In most bags wedding fashion jewellery stays in the family for generations and that is the reason one must forever work with a receipt when making the purchase from fashion jewellery supplies. Maintain a sandpaper where you keep these gate safely. It is also a good idea to have another jeweller ensure the authenticity of the jumble that you have bought, to be loyal that you have not been cheated.

Indeed the fashion jewellery commerce has come a packed enclose and the designers are no longer delivering mundane and run of the crush patterns. This is one of the major reasons as to why women nowadays are having a great time retail their wedding fashion jewellery, since have the plus of selection up delicate pieces that do not price them the earth.

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Saturday, 26 December 2009

HomeShop18 brings ‘3 Idiots’ merchandise


HomeShop18 brings another special – launches the “3 Idiots” merchandise by converge. HomeShop18 will be selling Converse shoes, worn by Aamir Khan, R Madhavan and Sharman Joshi in the movie exclusively on the virtual platform through the special show, ‘Converse 3 Idiots collection’. The Converse shoes are exclusively designed by Aamir khan. The design is popularly known as the doodle designs. No other star has personally designed any film merchandise before. The 3 Idiots Converse Collection shoes that have Aamir's doodles on them reflect the personality of todays’ Indian youth who are funky in attitude, cool and outspoken.

On the special show, HomeShop18 experts/anchors will be selling the exclusive merchandise from 3 Idiots giving out all details like material, design and other features. The shoes come in Resin Rubber and non-marking sole. The in-sole is made of Latex foam cushion insole, a unique feature of the Converse Canvas shoes that gives additional cushioning comfort and bounce back to the wearer. The shoes are available in red and black colour with Multi-color laces.

Announcing the launch of the Show, Sundeep Malhotra, CEO, HomeShop18, said, ‘Every youngster today gets inspired from what their favourite actors are wearing in the movies. 


Friday, 25 December 2009

Designer lingerie cracks Christmas - John Lewis

Commenting on this week's trade so far, Nat Wakely, Director of John Lewis Selling Operations, said: 'Sales from Sunday to close of business on Wednesday are 27 per cent ahead of 2008 levels. We have seen superb sales of last-minute gifts, in particular in beauty, lingerie and gift food.

'We have had a cracking Christmas and are anticipating an equally strong Clearance, having bought in 15 per cent more bargains. Clearance starts online at 6pm today (Christmas Eve) and on 27 December in our shops (excluding Trafford which starts on 26 December). We have excellent products available at great prices from sofa beds to LCD TVs and washing machines to beauty gifts.'

Digital gifts continue to be popular with Sony eBooks up 36 per cent and kitchen radios +26 per cent.

Designer lingerie (including Stella, Myla and La Perla) saw an increase of 115 per cent. Across all lingerie categories the most popular colours are purple and red.

The cold weather was a factor in footwear purchases. Snow boot sales have trebled, wellies are +160 per cent and we have sold a pair of slippers every two minutes.


Thursday, 24 December 2009

Kingfisher Swimsuit 2010 Calendar Launched By Deepika Padukone


The 8th Edition of the uber chic, extravagant and most anticipated calendar of the year KINGFISHER SWIMSUIT CALENDAR 2010 returned, in its most sweltering avatar yet!! 

The calendar was being unveiled over a plush brunch hosted by Dr. Vijay Mallya, Chairman, United Breweries at his residence ‘Niladri’. ‘The King of Good Times’ – opened up his home to his special guests as he revealed the first look of the calendar.

The guest of honour at this year’s ‘Kingfisher Swimsuit Calendar 2010’ launch party was none other than Deepika Padukone. 
  Present on the occasion was Deepika Padukone, Kunal Kapoor, Madhavan, Abhay Deol, Dr Mallya, his son Siddharth Mallya, Atul and Vandana KASBEKAR, Fahad and Simone Singh, Prahlad Kakkar, Arti and Kailash Surendranath, Purab Kohli, Rahul Dev, Siddharth Kanan and whole model brigade like Pia Trivedi, Deepti Gujral, Monikangana Dutta and this years six stunning models – Sonali Raut, Esha Gupta, Gia Johnson Singh, Aashika Pratt, Himarsha Venkatsamy (winner of the model hunt show) and Anjali Lavaniya (runner up of the model hunt on NDTV Good Times).


Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Kim Kardashian teams up with 50Kshoes

Kim Kardashian, model, businesswoman, style maven and reality star, teams up with "Celebrity Charity Challenge" to benefit Soles4Souls, the international shoe charity dedicated to providing free footwear to those in desperate need.

"It is an amazing cause. You give money and they help needy people and people in poverty to get shoes," said Kim Kardashian. "For the price of a latte, you can give two pairs of shoes to people in need."

Donating is easy at It requires no shipping and no trips to the post office. The suggested donation is very affordable, with $5.00 buying two pairs of new shoes. Kim's challenge ends on January 31, 2010 and all donations are tax-deductible.

Money raised will go toward the purchase of 1,000 pairs of new shoes which will be distributed in Kim's honor for her support. The distribution will take place on January 8, 2010 in New Orleans. Soles4Souls has sent over 1 million pairs of new shoes to the area since Hurricane Katrina devastated the area in 2005.

In addition, Kim's shoe endeavor will donate $5 to Soles4Souls for every person who registers with from now until December 23rd.

Soles4Souls Inc


Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Man Fashion : Skinny Jeans

If you thought you look totally awesome in your skinny hipster jeans, well you are wrong. The trend seems to be dying off and most people these days have begun to go for that eased look, which comes with jeans that are not skinny. In the Paris Men’s Fashion Week lately, Dior Homme, Lanvin, Hermès, Paul Smith and other big names in the men’s couture did not reveal any jeans or trousers that even bordered close to being skinny or tight.

The tight jeans, kohl fudged, spike haired look seems to be dying and a relaxed 90s look seems to be back. This could be a fallout from the recession as most of us do not care about fashion anymore? as some of us are not afford as before?

The solution seems to be in well tailored but unpretentious jeans that not only look good but also make you feel like you are not being vain when people are losing jobs. Hermès designer Veronique Nichanian showed to the world what well dressed men look like even without tight and skinny jeans with washed linens and vintage shirts
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Monday, 21 December 2009

Fashion Tips For Men : Holiday Fashion


The secret to a perfect holiday trip home means focusing on what really matters. Family, friends, peace, love and happiness are certainly important, but when it comes to menswear, knowing what to pack and what to wear can also make a man joyful and triumphant.

 For Club Monaco's menswear designer Timothy Farah in New York, the go-to travel item is "the perfect blazer." He adds: "It can be dressed up or not depending on the occasion." Club Monaco offers the Wright blazer and the Channing Tuxedo blazer, both for $349. The jackets are "tailored and modern."

Jeffery Spivock, the public relations senior manager for Gap in Toronto, would wear a Banana Republic velvet blazer ($310) on the plane to avoid crushing it. He says it "looks as good with a pair of destructed jeans ($160) as it does dressed up for holiday drinks." If the itinerary is elaborate and takes you from cold to warm cities, Spivock says: "I always pack neutral staples that I can layer in multiple combinations and still look fresh." He suggests accessories will also make the difference. "

Arienne Shoom, head stylist for Joe Fresh Style, thinks adding a zip-front Fair Isle sweater, $39, to the checklist is a good idea. The sweater's intricate geometric patterns are "festive without going overboard, perfect for the holiday season and then cosy for hitting the slopes." Since lounging with in-laws in boxers may not do, Shoom has a great pointer: pyjamas.

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Saturday, 19 December 2009

Jessica Simpson Designs For Charity


This Saturday Jessica is helping raise money for The Art Institute in Fort Lauderdale during their Synergy Art and Music Festival. Jessica, along with Gloria Estefan, Venus Williams, Jeff Conine and Paris Hilton designed and decorated different articles of clothing that will be auctioned off, with all proceeds going towards the school's scholarship program.

The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale's dedicated faculty understands what you need to succeed since they are industry professionals. You'll find fast-paced insight from leading members of the professional community, classes sized to ensure that you get individual attention, and lots of hands-on experience to refine your skills. From Admissions to Financial Aid to Student Affairs and Career Services, The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale's knowledgeable staff is ready to support and encourage you toward one common goal - a portfolio and resume that qualifies you for employment opportunities.

Very few however arrive in Music City with as much baggage as Jessica Simpson. 


Friday, 18 December 2009

Julianne Moore stars in BVLGARI’s Eccentric Charisma


February 2010 is the release date for Bulgari's "Eccentric Charisma" campaign, conceived as an expression of the spirit and values of the brand and an interpretation of a lifestyle that the maison has created over the years through creativity and innovation.

The star of the campaign is Julianne Moore, an actress with 48 films and 4 Oscar nominations to her credit, chosen to represent the style and personality of the Bulgari woman. A choice inspired by her timeless charisma, which transcends the trends and myths of the moment to earn her a place in the history not only of cinema, but of feminine elegance.

A woman of inescapable magnetism, confident and daring, never conventional, yet at the same time a connoisseur of refined beauty. Her world is the sum of her experiences, her encounters, her travels, and her instinctive ability to find beauty where others can not.

Julianne Moore's extraordinary combination of Pre-Raphaelite splendor, sharp intelligence and contemporary charisma was captured for the occasion by photographers Mert Alas & Marcus Piggot, who chose a setting with an Oriental flavor.

Opulent and richly colored as an exotic boudoir, furnished with sumptuous pillows, plush brocades, purple satin and peacock feathers, this is the frame that transforms Ms. Moore's unique beauty into a contemporary odalisque – mysterious, luminous and sophisticated. The utterly unexpected presence of exotic animals underscore her irresistible eccentricity and a temperament that defies all preconceptions.



Thursday, 17 December 2009

Fashion Students To Showcase 'Multicultural Extravaganza

The unique multi ethnic designs of talented UAE local and foreign fashion students will take centre stage during the French Fashion University Esmod – Dubai’s annual student fashion show to be held on December 16, 2009 at the University’s Dubai Academic City campus.

Dubbed ‘Multicultural Extravaganza’, the annual fashion programme will feature the creations of students from the UAE and other Arab countries, the Indian subcontinent, Russia, and other European countries. It will be attended by fashion lovers, select members of media and students, and will reflect the UAE’s growing status as the Middle East’s fashion centre.

Prior to the event, French Fashion University Esmod – Dubai hosted Miss France 2011 contestant Miss Martinique at the university last week, where she displayed the dress she plans to wear at the pageant to get feedback from the students.

“Our annual fashion show provides a platform to showcase impressive local and international talents, the world-class skills of our students, and unique themes that encourage creativity. This year we will be treated to various ethnic designs which will surely inspire the region’s aspiring fashionistas. We are proud of how this show has become influential in presenting the UAE as the Middle East’s new fashion centre,” said Tamara Hostal, Director and Founder, French Fashion University Esmod – Dubai.

The global fashion industry continues to post solid annual growth, with the Middle East in particular developing into a major player in the international fashion scene. Fashion minds from the region are achieving considerable success abroad, as they inject unique Arab elements into their designs.


Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Christmas Party Wardrobe And Party Clothes


Christmas party season is around the corner. Time to prepare your Christmas wardrobe. Party clothes with minimal pieces but maximum glam in a different look put together for every party. At the same time, you'd want clothes that you can still wear long after the festive season.

What you need is a wardrobe that takes you from day to night and which can go from glamorous party girl to career woman easily. You want your clothes to be versatile. To play the chameleon according to your whim and fancy. Mix and match to suit the mood and occasion.

Start with the foundation of your wardrobe. Classic pieces that go with everything. That can be worn for most occasions. Basics in a neutral color that flatters you and goes with jewel tones, metallics as well as neutrals. The best color you could use as your foundation is black.

Black is a slimming color. Black goes with other neutrals as well as bright colors and metallics. That makes black the ideal base color for your wardrobe. You can get away with jewel tones without looking clownish by wearing one item in that bright color and everything else in black.

Start with the little black dress. Or rather, the collection of black dresses. For serious partying, you need at least three black dresses to last you through the festive season. One short dress that shows off your legs, one long dress that grazes your ankle and one mid-length dress that ends either a few finger's width above or below your knees.

Next, you need at least three black skirts. Again, you should get one that is short enough to show off your legs. Bear in mind, the shorter your skirt, the longer your legs look. Especially when you wear high heel shoes. You need a long black skirt too. Preferably one that grazes the ankle. Such a skirt would be wonderful for black tie events, formal parties or when you want to look exceptionally elegant. The third skirt should be either slightly above or below the knee.

These dresses and skirt form the backbone of your wardrobe. With these, you'd always have something to wear for every event. Now comes the fun part. silk tops.

International Apparel Expo 2010  Sourcing at MAGIC - North Americas Largest Apparel & Fabric Sourcing Show

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Shakira Vs. Evan Rachel Wood In Gucci

You how the game goes--two beautiful women, one gorgeous dress...cast your vote to tell us who wore it better, after the jump!

Shakira seems to have a knack for choosing the same dresses as other celebrities--remember when she and Pink showed up to the VMAs wearing the exact same Balmain number? At the recent Bambi awards, the Latin songstress opted for this black and silver Gucci dress with feathered details at the shoulders. She went with a pair of knee-high black boots, dangling earrings, and a poufy ponytail to complement the look.

Earlier this year, we saw Evan Rachel Wood wear the same dress to the Young Hollywood Awards. While her version didn't win our best dressed vote, I still think she looks pretty fabulous--it's a bit more glitzed up than Shakira's take on it, thanks to the wide waist-cinching belt, patent leather pumps, and Jimmy Choo clutch.

Time to compare and contrast, dolls! Whose version of this Gucci dress do you like better? Do you appreciate how each girl styled it in a totally different way

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Monday, 14 December 2009

Fashion & Style Tips : Blazers

At this time of year we would usually be touting the benefits of a snug fur coat but, with party season at our door, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to hype up the benefits of the classic blazer: the easiest and most stylish option when you need a piece of outerwear to throw over your party dress. As always, we have chosen six of our favorite celebrity muses to show us how they like to style their blazers – from dressing it up with a bandage dress to dressing down with jeans and ballet flats.

STYLE TIP #1 / Contrast a feminine skirt with a boyfriend blazer and button-down shirt: Lauren Conrad is one of the biggest proponents of the blazer and loves to work the piece into her look whenever she gets the chance, pairing it with everything from mini dresses to skinny jeans and heels. Here, she compels the blazer to contrast the flirty nature of her lace mini skirt by adding a boyish touch. We suggest pairing this Stretch Poplin Shirt ($145) by Ralph Lauren Blue Label with Silence & Noise’s Boyfriend Blazer ($49, reduced from $78) and this Lace Noir Skirt ($115) by Eryn Brinie.

STYLE TIP #2 / Cut up a streamlined, sleek look by wearing a cropped, waist-length blazer that lets your accessories do the talking: Another big fan of the blazer, The City’s Olivia Palermo prefers a classic, cropped cut over the boyfriend fit that Lauren prefers. Here, she takes an edgier approach to her outfit, pairing the blazer with leather-look leggings and an oversized statement necklace. For a similar look, combine Denimocracy’s Metallic Denim Legging ($80) with Minkpink’s Ring Master Cropped Blazer ($73.99, reduced from $124) and Free People’s Topaz Bib Necklace ($129.95, reduced from $198).

STYLE TIP #3 / Give shape to a loose-fit dress by adding a structured blazer: Rachel Bilson’s petite frame would be swamped if she was to wear a loose-fit dress like this without giving it a little shape. Instead of the usual, belt fix, Rachel added a structured blazer, giving her silhouette some shape without taking away from the dress. To style your blazer a la Rachel, we think that Quiksilver’s Gloria Dress ($98) makes for a fashionable stand-in, especially when paired with Fashionista’s Slim Boyfriend Jacket ($188). Add further shape to your look by adding these Ankle Wrap Women’s Shoes ($29.99) by Delicious.

STYLE TIP #4 / Use your blazer as a winter-to-summer transitional piece by pairing it with printed sweaters and chunky scarves: The blazer is the perfect piece for transitioning from winter to summer, most importantly for its layering qualities. Here, Nicole throws it over a thick sweater and adds a chunky scarf, an outfit that will work in winter and can be transformed as you move closer to summer. We like Lynne Hiriak’s Cardigan ($177) paired with Pour La Victoire’s Women’s Irma Boots ($449.95) and Madewell’s Garcon Blazer ($148). Add this Scarf ($19.50) from Express for the finishing touch.

STYLE TIP #5 / Tone down the sexiness of a bandage dress by throwing a cropped blazer over the top: As you would expect from a girl whose mother is the epitome of French chic, Julia Restoin-Roitfeld has defined sexy with her lace mini dress. Here, she uses her blazer to tone down the look, throwing it over the dress and adding tights to keep the colors streamlined. Try this Lace Vest Dress ($59.49) from ASOS with Juicy Couture’s Cropped Tuxedo Blazer ($198). Add this pair of Strappy Platform Sandal ($19.84, reduced from $24.80) by Forever21 to complete the look.

STYLE TIP #6 / Drape an oversized blazer over a simple jean-and-tee combo for the ultimate in casual-cool: Our final Style Tip comes from teen sensation Dakota Fanning, who has mixed up a youthful look by pairing an oversized blazer with ballet flats and a loose tee, completing the outfit with a pair of skinny jeans. This We The Free Burnout Pocket Tee ($19.95, reduced from $58) will look great with J Brand’s Twill Skinny Jeans ($185). Complete the look with Perlina’s Women’s Seville Ballerina Flat ($92.95) and Topshop’s Premium Vintage Style Blazer ($110).

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Saturday, 12 December 2009

Supermodel Karen Elson Takes Tumble At British Fashion Awards

Karen Elson, the British supermodel, stepped onto the catwalk and into fashion history at the British Fashion Awards gala in London last night.

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Elson, 30, the flame-haired “discovery” from Oldham, Manchester, who has become a global fashion star, arrived on the stage at the Royal Courts of Justice to present the Fashion Creator award – and seconds later disappeared.

She walked straight into an ill-concealed “orchestra pit” and promptly disappeared from sight.

All the audience of fashion luminaries, including Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham, saw was a flash of Elson’s red velvet, Alexander McQueen fishtail gown, as she tumbled four feet downwards into the darkness.

Elson, who is the wife of The White Stripes frontman, Jack White, with whom she has a daughter and son, made a miraculous recovery.

She appeared, back on stage, within minutes, declaring:”I am the clumsiest person on this earth. I cannot believe I just did that.

"That is the worst fall I have ever had. I might have broken a rib, but I’m fine.”

Elson, a former winner of the British Model of the Year fashion “oscar”, went on to present The Isabella Blow Award for Fashion Creator to the creative director of American Vogue, the British-born Grace Coddington, who emerged as the “star” of the recent ‘frockumentary, “The September Issue".

The incident revived memories of Naomi Campbell's wipeout during Vivienne Westwood's 1993 Anglomania show after attempting to walk in 10 inch heels.

One onlooker said: "It was a spectacular fall from grace but she handled it well."

Other award winners at the industry "Oscars" included Christopher Bailey, who was named ‘Designer of the Year’ for turning heritage brand, Burberry, into a global luxury label, and Georgia May Jagger, the 17-year-old daughter of the Rolling Stone Sir Mick Jagger, who was named ‘Model of the Year’, following her international success as the “face” of Hudson Jeans and the Versace spring/summer 2010 campaign.

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Friday, 11 December 2009

Kim Kardashian spotted in LA wearing Dita sunglasses

Paparazzi photos of Kim Kardashian taken recently in Los Angeles show the model, actress and business woman wearing the latest sunglasses from Dita Eyewear, designers of vintage-inspired sunglasses favored by the fashion elite.

A posting on her official website confirms she's a devoted Dita fan: "My absolute favorite brand of sunglasses is Dita. They make the coolest pairs of glasses that are stylish and such great quality."

Kardashian, star of the E! reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashian's, has been spotted wearing her Dita sunglasses, the night moves model, part of the high-end eye wear designer's collection. Others known to wear exquisitely-crafted Dita eye wear include Brad Pitt, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Jessica Simpson, Penelope Cruz, Kate Hudson, Lenny Kravitz, Eva Mendez and Jamie Fox, to name just a few. 


Thursday, 10 December 2009

Extreme Lash Mascara makes the most of every lash


Colorbar this December has launched their Extreme Lash Mascara in black. All those social evening, parties and night out’s are incomplete without this handy mascara- creamy formula,waterproof, natural volume, quick drying, smudge proof and so much more.

Extreme Lash Mascara makes the most of every lash. In one easy sweep, this ingenious mascara lengthens, separates and curls lashes for perfect definition. What the secret? A unique brush with two zones one for volume and elongation and another equally innovative formula, working together to enhance each and every lash. The flexible, all-day wear formula resists flaking and stays in place all day. Ophthalmologist and Dermatologist tested. It is also safe for contact lens wearers.

Apply to clean dry lashes. For the upper lashes, brush the mascara from the base of the lashes to the tips in an upward and outward direction. Repeat the same for the lower lashes in a downward and outward direction. For more dramatic lashes apply a second coat of the mascara to the tips of the lashes.

Colorbar has launched its first flagship store at G-07; Select Citywalk, Saket, New Delhi. Colorbar is also present across 400 plus major retail outlets such as Twenty Four Seven, Pantaloon and Central etc. along with top beauty product stores across the country. 


Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Oscar-Winning Actress Julia Roberts Is Lancome's New Face


Pretty woman Julia Roberts is the new global ambassadress for Lancome, reports.

"By her remarkable personality and career, Julia Roberts is an emblematic woman of her time,"  Youcef Nabi, president of Lancôme International, said in a statement.

"Her exceptional talent, her radiance and her strong commitments perfectly echo Lancôme's values. We are convinced she will embody the brand in the most sublime way possible."

The specifics of her role have yet to be announced.

Lancome's gallery of stars includes Kate Winslet, Anne Hathaway, Juliette Binoche and Clive Owen.

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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Designer Lingerie : Tips For Choosing and Cleaning


Designer lingerie are lingerie produced by top designers. They cost a lot more than other lingerie sold in the market. This is for the reason that they are made with material of good quality. Also, the fact that they are made by designers with popular names in the fashion industry means that they can

Designer lingerie and your attributes

Most designer lingerie have such a good design that they have a way of flattering your figure. However, in most cases, it's a matter of choosing those which match well with your own attributes. For example, in choosing the color of your bras and other designer lingerie, you don't have to always base it on the tone of your skin. Instead, you can use your hair color as a determining factor of the designer lingerie's color. If your hair is brunette, consider wearing earth tones or strong colors. If red is the color of your hair, choosing either earth tones or sassy colors is advisable. Lastly, if you're blonde, then it's best to consider donning pastel colors for your designer lingerie.

Cleaning tips

Since most designer lingerie are made of quality material, they typically last longer than other lingerie. That is not to say that you must not take into account proper maintenance. In fact, most designer lingerie have delicate material which can't be cleaned or maintained by just any kind of detergent. That’s why it’s always best to refer to manufacturer’s instructions for safe maintenance.

When cleaning designer lingerie made of cotton, you don’t have to worry about their durability. They can usually be washed using a washing machine. However, the difficulty lies in the drying. Most cotton designer lingerie expand horizontally and/or shrink vertically after subjecting them to heat in the dryer.

If your designer lingerie is made of silk, you only have two options. One is to wash them by hand and two is to send them to the dry cleaner. If you opt to do the first process, make sure that you use mild laundry soap. Do not rub them too much as this can effect damage on them. Use lukewarm water when rinsing them. Instead of drying them with a dryer, use towels to twist dry them. After this, you can use iron to dry them while they’re still damp.

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Monday, 7 December 2009

Alfred Angelo To Dress Melissa Rycroft For Wedding


Melissa Rycroft will walk down the aisle to wed Tye Strickland in an Alfred Angelo bridal gown. Melissa chose her wedding gown from the Alfred Angelo collection. Melissa selected her gown at the Alfred Angelo store in Frisco, TX and said of her bridal gown, “It was love at first sight. It was the first dress I saw and tried on, and I just knew. I love it!”

Rycroft burst onto the scene when she joined the cast of the thirteenth season of ABC’s The Bachelor. Following The Bachelor, Melissa danced her way into America’s hearts on the eighth season of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, where she finished third. Since the Summer of 2009, she has been a special correspondent for Good Morning America. On the October 22, 2009 bridal episode “Walking down the Aisle at Bridal Fashion Week”, Melissa revealed to the nation that she chose Alfred Angelo for her wedding, and talked with designer Michael Shettel about the latest bridal trends during New York’s Couture Bridal Fashion Week.

Says designer Michael Shettel, “Melissa’s a beautiful woman, inside and out. She has a fabulous personality, and I am thrilled to work with her for her very special day. She is going to be a beautiful Alfred Angelo bride. I wish she and Tye all the best, and a life of happiness.”

Rycroft’s wedding party will also be dressed in gowns from the Alfred Angelo bridesmaid, special occasion and flower girl collections. 


Saturday, 5 December 2009

Lamborghini Debuts Los Angeles Fashion Boutique


Stephan Winkelmann, President and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A., welcomed customers, VIPs and Lamborghini executives to the exclusive grand opening celebration of the newest Automobili Lamborghini Boutique, located in a luxury shopping center outside of Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles fashion boutique will be the second Automobili Lamborghini boutique to open in 2009, after the Beijing, China store in November. Beijing and Los Angeles were strategically chosen for their locations -- Beijing as one of the world’s fastest growing markets and Southern California, traditionally one of the brand’s strongest regions.

“Opening an Automobili Lamborghini Boutique in Los Angeles further demonstrates our brand extension strategy towards high-end products consistent with the spirit of luxury sports cars,” stated Winkelmann. “The philosophy behind the Collezione Automobili Lamborghini fashion line is synonymous with the traits of each Lamborghini super sports car: Extreme, Uncompromising and unmistakably Italian. The Automobili Lamborghini Boutique embodies this culture to offer customers access to a more glamorous and exclusive world.”

In celebration of the opening, nearly 30 Lamborghini owners and their super sports cars gathered in Santa Monica, Calif. for an exclusive drive event. They were joined by Lamborghini executives, including Winkelmann, who led a convoy in a scenic drive to the grand opening of the Automobili Lamborghini Boutique. 


Friday, 4 December 2009

Vanessa Jace Sanz is the first face of JUSTPROUD

Out of 414 models from 24 countries, the members of JUSTPROUD thought that Vanessa will be a great representative for this new Fashion Brand. Therefore today Vanessa Jace Sanz, from New York, is chosen as the 1st Face of the Community driven Fashion Brand JUSTPROUD.

Vanessa herself is thrilled to be the new face of JUSTPROUD. She considers it a great honor to have been chosen to represent a brand involved in the movement of today's fashion industry. “It truly makes me happy to know that so many people voted for me and made this possible and for that I am grateful. 

If there is one thing I want to do, it's to model. I just want to be out there doing what makes me happy, what brings joy to my life. After so many years of hard work, I am looking forward to all that is ahead. I know this is going to be a great journey, one I have been long awaiting and 100% ready for."

Geert Rietbergen, CEO of JUSTPROUD, stated: “We are very happy with our 1st Face. Vanessa did put in a lot of effort & determination and finally she made it to be chosen out of 414 (aspiring) models from 24 countries. That is a great achievement. JUSTPROUD is all about providing chances & making dreams come alive. We have the strongest belief that together with Vanessa we will emphasize this to the audience & made our first big step in creating this community driven Fashion Brand.” 


Thursday, 3 December 2009

Extreme fashion: how the high heel began


The Bata Shoe Museum invites you to walk a mile in the shoes of fashion pioneers with the recently debuted shoe exhibit On a Pedestal: From Renaissance Chopines to Baroque Heels. Shoe aficionados and art lovers alike can take a glimpse into the evolution of the high heel as this exhibit strolls through the rarest examples of Renaissance and Baroque footwear ever worn in Western fashion. Some of the Venetian chopines on view soar up to 20 inches in height.

According to curator Elizabeth Semmelhack, "The treacherously high heels that have come into fashion in recent years can not compare with the heights achieved by the chopines worn during the Renaissance. These shockingly high platforms literally put women on pedestals and prove that extreme fashion is nothing new." The exhibition explores the social history of elevating footwear in the 16th and 17th centuries and considers why shoes have been so inexorably connected to the construction of femininity and the gendered economics of fashion then and now. The chopine's primary purpose was to increase the wearer's stature and proclaim her, and more importantly, her family's status thorough sumptuous dress.

This exhibition brings together for the first time treasured artefacts from numerous renowned International museums including: Victoria and Albert Museum, London; Museo Bardini, Florence; Castello Sforzesco, Milan; Livrustkammaren and Skoklosters Slott, both Stockholm; Museo Palazzo Mocenigo and Museo Correr, both Venice; Ambras Castle, Austria; Boston Museum of Fine Art, Boston and Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto as well as shoes for the Bata Shoe Museum.


Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Ksino Debuts Collection With 2 Lovely Ladies


KSINO, the premium apparel company announced that it has signed exclusive celebrity spokesperson agreements with two of poker's hottest players Lacey Jones and Leo Margets. Both Jones and Margets are competitive players in the WSOP and have attained serious player status, gaining notoriety as much for their poker skills as for their physical beauty. 

KSINO is quickly gaining its own reputation as the clothing line for both men and women living and loving a fast-paced lifestyle. Their website offers exclusive videos that follow the exploding brand on their global travels, as well as a loyal following on their Facebook fan page. The brand has chosen to sign exclusive agreements with the two players who speak to that lifestyle.

"To say that I am thrilled to have Lacey and Leo as brand ambassadors is an understatement," said Alex That, President of KSINO. "They are two very beautiful women who are also very talented poker players. They turn heads at the tables not only for how they look, but for how they play," he continued. "That's what KSINO is about, playing great and looking hot while doing it."


Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Models International Signs Yulia Panina Hollywood Rising Star


Models International, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hollywood Studios International announced the signing of international model Yulia Panina.

Catherine Fellows, Managing Partner of Models International, said, "Yulia is a rapidly rising star. It is easy to love her; she's gorgeous and her look has mass appeal. This is why she's been in great demand recently; everyone wants to shoot Yulia."

Yulia Panina was born in Ukraine and served as a nurse throughout the continent of Asia. She recently worked the Dickies photo shoot with famed photographer Adam Weiss. She was also the face of Nolcha Fashion Week for New York Fashion Week 2009.

Models International is a premier boutique modeling agency based in New York and Los Angeles with plans to expand domestically and internationally. The agency represents over 400 models for fashion, commercial, hosting, and endorsement endeavors. The agency's client list includes Vogue, Teen Vogue, Teen Magazine, Allure, Maxim, Cosmopolitan, Modern Salon Magazine, Women's Wear Daily, Rolls Royce, Abercrombie + Fitch, Ralph Lauren, Ed Hardy, Bebe, Rock & Republic, Pottery Barn, Macy's, Fox Racing, Sketchers, Wella, BCBG, Tilly's, Urban Decay, MTV, HBO and many others.

Hollywood Studios International

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Monday, 30 November 2009

Dara Ford: modern yet timeless fashion for women


Designed for women of all ages and offered in sizes 8 – 18 the Dara Ford collection will appeal to women with busy lifestyles and demanding wardrobe needs. The clothes are comfortable and practical without compromising on style or quality and carry their wearer from daytime at the office to night time socialising with friends – true investment pieces that can be worn season after season.

Says the labels designer Dara Stringham: ‘I work very hard to create pieces that I love and which I can see women wearing in their everyday lives. I like playing with subtle details that only reveal themselves at close range and which allow the exquisite fabrics to shine. Comfort and elegance are my natural design instincts, a kind of old-world appreciation for quality and craftsmanship translated into contemporary pieces for the women of today.’

The beautifully designed online store allows shoppers to browse the collection by style, colour or fabric and gives detailed information along with the designer’s notes for each piece. It is easy to navigate and provides the perfect shopping experience for savvy women with busy lives. 

Dara Ford


Saturday, 28 November 2009

Kingfisher Bikini Bombshells : Mid Week Specials

banner With winter well and truly here, a piping hot picture gallery is just what the doctor ordered. Presenting the best of our bikini bomshells to keep you nice and toasty!

The girls of the Kingfisher calendar hunt pose together in an assortment of bikinis.

Before Katrina Kaif became a super successful Bollywood actress, she was part of the Kingfisher calendar.

Pooja Misra in a pretty pink bikini.

Now we're getting serious - Pooja Misra in a sexy black number.

A beautiful shot of a Kingfisher calendar girl.

Photographer Atul Kasbekar in action, as he shoots a gorgeous bikini clad model.

Arlette Grao - one of the Kingfisher Calendar Girl Hunt 2010 finalist - strikes a hot pose.

Hot pink never fails!

The new Miss Earth in the swim suit round.