Monday, 30 May 2011

Krush Culture launches Camilla Franks fashion label


Celebrity fashion designers and artist, Camilla Franks, is launching in South Africa this summer. The Camilla label brings worldly charm, personality and exotic flavour to timeless fashion.
“It’s a label that doesn’t discriminate, “says the designer who constantly travels the world in search of inspiration. “I design for all shapes and sizes – all personalities and walks of life - I just want to make women look and feel beautiful whether it’s in a figure-hugging micro mini or a lavishly bejeweled cocktail dress”.
Camilla Franks is a dynamic designer who has been transforming kaftans into chic wardrobe staples for fashionistas and celebrities across the globe. Oprah Winfrey, Fergie, Liz Hurley, Jennifer Hawkins, Paris Hilton, Tori Spelling and Paula Abdul have all been spotted wearing Camilla Kaftans.
The collection consists of free-flowing Kaftans.Bold, pastel, electric and fluro-coloured silk blend prints feature Mother Nature’s beautiful landscapes including luscious tropical and rainforest illustrations with butterflies, peacocks, Amazon tigers, snakes and fish scales as further inspirations. Carefully placed Swarovski crystals and hand beading add runway glamour to these beautiful Kaftans. banner

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Creative Hair Highlights Ideas

A big trend this season are the creative hair highlights ideas that have the power to vamp up your locks. Fusing more shades into one hairdo is the magic spell to keep your tresses versed with the newest hair coloring techniques and trends. Accentuate your already smashing haircut with these glam accessories.
Make waves with your brand new hairdo that has all that it takes to make you feel super-confident. The following hair highlights ideas will keep your tresses super-trendy and up-to-the-minute with the newest hair trends.

Use these fab accessories to shine through the crowd and make a smashing statement with your color. Preserve the fresh look of your hairstyle by regular touch ups that maintain the radiant glow of your brand new shade. Define the ideal number as well as place of tinted locks in order to guarantee the successful outcome of your hair dyeing job.

If a classy hairdo is leading your wishlist this time, take a closer peek at the gorgeous hair coloring ideas above. These modern designs will provide you with the privilege of sporting a less dramatic still high street hair tone. Use colors that are 1-2 shades darker or lighter than your base color to achieve a similar visual effect. If you don't trust your hair dyeing skills it would be advisable to ask for the help of a pro stylist. Keep your color salon-fresh by regular touch-ups. Draw some inspiration from these hair coloring options to up your 'do and pick the style that suits your personality and allows you to highlight your best assets.

If you're lusting after a vibrant hair color, don't get stuck in a rut with neutral and too natural-looking colors that might not make the dramatic effect you wished to create with your makeover. Skim through this fabulous selection of bold hair highlights that attract immediate attention, especially when done by a professional colorist.
Pink, purple, magenta and other bright shades are perfect to add depth and definition to your tresses. Regardless of your hair length and texture, prepare for the ultimate style metamorphosis. Use a color care shampoo to preserve the natural glow and vivid glam of your brand new hair tone. Pay special attention to the maintenance of a similar complex and statement hairdo and make sure you go for it, only if you have the right attitude to make the most out of your edgy look.


Fabulous Summer Hair Highlights

Add a burst of glamor to your base hair color shade with these fabulous summer hair highlights. It's time to complete your smashing haircut with some extra gloss using these chic hair coloring ideas. Head to the salon for a complete and voguish makeover.
Dress up your hairstyle with an instant glam boost with the help of the most popular hair coloring techniques. In a quest for the ultimate solution to keep monotony at a fair distance from your look it is highly recommended to consider having highlights.

Remember a multi-tonal look can do magic with your tresses especially if you ask the help of a pro colorist to grant you with a new hair color. Depending on your personality, pick your favorite shades that can easily blend or, on the contrary, stand out from your base hair color. These fabulous summer hair highlights are here to furnish you with the best blueprints on how to rock out the versatile and multi-colored hair style trend.

Natural color can look simply stunning, however, you can also complement your hair with some glam accessories as these chic tinted strands. Highlights, when selected to be 1-2 shades darker or lighter than your base color, will create a classy and discrete effect. Those who wish to revitalize and illuminate their tresses will have the chance to choose from the chic ash, honey, caramel blonde along with brunette highlights. Keep things subtle by opting for these natural-looking hues that can visually boost the volume of your locks. Look out for the newest hair dye formulas that allow you to master the art of DIY hair coloring. Bring out your beach bunny side with these glam hair design ideas.
If you're playing on the fierce side, feel free to skip the conventional hair dyeing trends. Rely on the visual effect of bold shades that can be combined with all hair colors from super-light blondes to dark brunettes or chunky red highlights. The only condition to rock out the trend like a real hair chameleon is to keep the contrastive tones at a distance from your face. This way you'll be able to fuse the bright shades into a complex fantasy without having to worry about the fact whether these hues complement your complexion shade or not. Ask for the assistance of a hairdresser to make sure you guarantee the best conditions of a dapper makeover. This is highly recommended especially if you're still a rookie in the art of hair dyeing.
Change your hair on a weekly basis if you're ready for the new generation of smashing highlights that keep you up-to-the-minute with alternative hair dyeing tendencies. Learn what suits your personality and choose an intriguing and faddish look over a plain one. Strip off your confidence issues and use color protective hair care products to preserve the long-lasting radiance of your brand new hair color.


Unique Hair Coloring Ideas 2011

Spice-up your look by sporting a unique hair coloring style in 2011 which gives you an edgy vibe. There's a great variety of amazing styles and colors to choose from, so say goodbye to boring, common shades and opt for a unique hair color that defines your style!

If you're tired of sporting the same boring hair color as everyone and wish to get a more unique look with bold color combinations that will underline your individuality, check out the following edgy and unique hair coloring ideas 2011.

The hair color trends in 2011 are amazing as they allow women to experiment with a great variety of daring hues that steal the attention. Not everyone looks good with their natural color or enjoys wearing the same shade for years, and for these women the latest hair coloring techniques and innovative products can represent endless possibilities. Think of your hair as a clean canvas which invites you to show your creativity. However, the hair coloring process could leave a negative imprint on your hair if done improperly, so turn to a professional for best results and damage-free colored hair.
Different types of highlights, thin or chunky streaks in vibrant colors can definitely make heads turn and since one of the hottest hair color of the moment is red, don't hesitate to take this fiery shade into account. The combinations and red hues available are vast, meaning you can find several flattering red shades for your skin tone. Go for block color or opt for multi-toned looks by breaking up the base with chunks of copper, purple or black highlights and lowlights. An ombre red hair effect, which is darker at the roots and gradually lightens towards the ends, is also a great option for women who love to play with hair coloring.
Brunettes are most fortunate, as any bright shade will stand out and get more vibrant when placed next to a darker base. From ash to brown, pink, blue, purple, your options are endless. Create subtle hair highlights or go for panelling for a bolder, chunkier result. The bigger the contrast, the edgier the result will be, so make sure you opt for colors which not only scream “look at me” but which complement your skin tone without making you look washed out.
Because of the dark pigments your locks will most likely require some bleaching before the hair dye is applied, so make sure your hair is healthy before you get creative with your hair color. Maintain your color bright and shiny by using special color protective products!

Give your blonde locks edge and a more contemporary vibe by opting for one or more contrasting colors throughout your hair. Blue, brown, pink, red, orange as well as purple tones look amazing in combination with blonde, so choose carefully and opt for hues which complement each other and your skin tone perfectly. Go for contrasting color chunks or multi-tonal highlights, combining neon brights with pastel blondes.


Taylor Swift Covers 'InStyle' June 2011

Taylor Swift covers 'InStyle' June 2011 looking absolutely gorgeous in a Victoria Beckham dress. Inside the magazine, the 21-year-old singer talks about her biggest fears and what scares her about success, love, music and what does it mean to her, and future plans. Read some highlights from Taylor's interview.
'InStyle' surprised its readers with a beautiful cover for the magazine’s June 2011 issue, featuring the adorable country-pop phenom Taylor Swift. Inside, in the interview with the magazine, the 21-year-old singer talks about love and happiness, fears, unfulfillment, but also about her music, success and future plans.

"I have this really high priority on happiness and finding something to be happy about," Taylor told 'InStyle' about her expectations. As a celebrity you definitely need to have thick skin. Still, Taylor admits she has a more sensitive personality. "In this business you have to develop a thick skin, but I’m always going to feel everything. It’s my nature," she says.

Taylor's dating history includes some famous names, such as Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer, and Jake Gyllenhaal. The young singer admits that in love feelings are more important than career. "There are no rules when it comes to love. I just try to let love surprise me because you never know who you’re going to fall in love with. You never know who’s going to come into your life – and for me, when I picture the person I want to end up with, I don’t think about what their career is, or what they look like. I picture the feeling I get when I’m with them," Taylor says.
Taylor released her self-titled debut album on October 24, 2006. On what music means to her, the singer told in the interview with 'InStyle' that, "Music is my shining light, my favorite thing in the world. To get me to stop doing it for one second would be difficult!"

As for what scares her the most, Taylor confesses that unhappiness and unfulfillment are her biggest two fears. "I’m most scared by the thought of prolonged, perpetual unhappiness, and of unfulfillment. I have this really high priority on happiness and finding something to be happy about. It’s not that I live in a delusional fantasy where I’m just smiling every day. I definitely feel pain, but there is also this need to be grateful for what I’ve been given," she told 'InStyle'.

What about success? Taylor admits she has seen so many people experiencing success in a rather disastrous way. "I’ve seen people who have become jaded by success. That scares me. I don’t want to go down that path," she says.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Queen Latifah to impress fashion world with HSN


Queen Latifah, winner of Grammy, Golden Globe and SAG awards, has partnered with leading multichannel retailer HSN for the exclusive launch of the Queen Collection, her first-ever lifestyle brand. On August 27, Latifah will debut a unique collection of apparel, handbags and outerwear, and will introduce a hair extension line in September. The premiere will feature designs inspired by her personal style and design aesthetic.

Queen Latifah is an inspiration to women everywhere based on her unbridled success in music, television and film. Conscientious of her stature as a role model and fashion icon, Latifah created her new collection to inspire women to find their own personal style. The Queen Collection offers women fashionable wardrobe-building pieces of apparel and accessories at accessible prices.

"I wanted my collection to reflect my personal style while giving women the tools to build a wardrobe they can feel good in," said Queen Latifah. "I partnered with HSN because it's the ideal platform to share my story and the stories of women who inspired me. I hope to instill confidence in hundreds of thousands of women across the country."

"To truly capture the diverse aspects of this remarkable artist, we focused on creating a comprehensive lifestyle brand that encompasses apparel, accessories and beauty," said Mindy Grossman, CEO of HSN, Inc. "Queen Latifah's appeal is universal, and her ability to entertain, enlighten and empower women is sure to resonate with our customers." 


Read more about Queen Latifah to impress fashion world with HSN @ Fibre2fashion


Tuesday, 24 May 2011

MAC Fashion Flower Summer 2011 Makeup

Create a blooming look using the new fab makeup collection for summer 2011 by MAC and inspired from the beauty of flowers. MAC makeup directors have managed to transpose the beauty and color of flowers into the latest makeup collection. Check it out and create a myriad of dazzling, delicate makeup looks that suit perfectly the summer season!
With all the fab makeup collections featured by MAC Cosmetics it's no surprise that this brand has quickly made an impact over the cosmetic industry, being now known on an international level. One of the latest makeup collections is the MAC Fashion Flower line for summer 2011 which is set for launch in May.

Color is a definite must this summer season, fashion or makeup-wise, so evoke the spirit of the new season through the latest MAC makeup collection. Floral beauty has been the inspirational theme of the collection, so emphasize your feminine facial features and natural beauty with the help of soft and fashionable colors. There isn't anything else which manages to symbolize femininity and beauty better than flowers, so allow yourself to be taken on a dreamy journey to a world of blooming flowers. The collection features spectacular shades, so check out the collection and select your favorite makeup products:

MAC Eye Shadow ($14.50)
Add more dimension to your look by turning towards colored eye makeup that makes an impact. Cool and warm hues such as the colors featured in this collection help balance your look and give it that earthy feel that is highly popular this summer. The pigmented eye shadows can be easily applied on your eyelid, making them perfect for individual or multiple hue use. Select one of the following fab hues featured in the collection:
  • Lucky Green - a medium tone lime green
  • Fresh Daisy - a fab beige
  • Bows & Curtsey - deep metallic green
  • Aqua - mate aqua blue hue
  • Free to Be - matte coral
  • Groundcover - taupe
  • MAC Lipgelee ($14.50)
    Luscious lips are a magnet when it comes to attraction, so envelop your lips in sensuality using the following fab MAC lipgelee's. The following juicy lip gloss tubes are easy to use and suit all ages, so use them simply or as a glossy finish over your lipstick. Select one of the following hues and make your lips scream for kisses: Now in Season - soft gold-pearl, Fashion Flower - soft pink-pearl, Budding Beauty - soft pearled coral.

    MAC Beauty Powder ($25)
    Bring out your cheekbones and define your facial features using the new limited edition beauty powders that will give you that natural, blooming glow that dazzles. The pigments will subtly and naturally define your look, so select one of the two Beauty Powder hues available:
  • Light Sunshine - soft pink with gold and pink sparkle
  • Alpha Girl - soft peach with gold sparkles
  • Penultimate Eye Liner ($17.50)
    Define your eyes flawlessly using MAC's Penultimate Eye Liner in Rapid Black, a pure black hue which will add dimension to your look and make your eyes pop. Use it over your favorite MAC eyeshadow or keep your look simple and emphasize your eyes using only eyeliner, as naturalness is highly appreciated this summer season, so you can't go wrong either way.

    Studio Fix Lash ($14)
    Finish your fabulous makeup using this Bold Black mascara in intense black as no look is complete without fab curled and defined lashes. The mascara features an easy to use wand that will help coat your eyelashes without any clumping, for a fabulous salon look.

  • MAC Lipsticks ($14.50)
    Lip color is a definite must this summer season whether you're opting for a natural or bold makeup look, and the 4 fab lipstick hues featured in the collection are a beautiful example of how important color is as far as makeup goes. Add a little sophistication to your look by selecting the following easy to wear pigmented lipsticks (limited edition) in:
  • Summer Shower - light aqua-green
  • Mlle - soft cream pink
  • Ever Hip - bright cream coral
  • Growing Trend - mid-tone cream taupe
  • banner

    MAC + Mickey Contractor Makeup Collection

    It seems that the internationally known cosmetics brand MAC doesn't hesitate to collaborate with people who are skilled in the art of makeup as proven through the release of the latest makeup collection signed MAC and titled MAC + Mickey Contractor Makeup Collection. Check out the new collection next!
    MAC cosmetics, the oh-so-popular cosmetics brand has teamed up with MAC's Director of Makeup Artistry for India, Mickey Contractor to create a fabulous makeup collection which will help you achieve that ultimate glamorous Bollywood look.

    Mickey Contractor has a vast experience in the art of makeup application as he was responsible for the makeup look of a variety of famous faces in the Bollywood acting scene. Indian makeup has always exuded glamor and style, so why not turn towards fabulous colors to enhance your fortes: your facial features.

    The multi-talented makeup director Mickey Constructor tried to transpose the Bollywoodian beauty into a collection which will suit all skin tones. Naturalness is a must this year and this collection tries to unite color with naturalness to give “life” to an unforgettable exotic look.
    The collection contains all the must haves that Mickey thinks a beauty kit should contain so you can find anything from lipsticks to makeup brushes.
    The following makeup products available in different amazing, glam shades that will definitely conquer your heart from first glimpse. Since you can already find the Mac and Mickey Contractor makeup collection is stores and online, don't hesitate to purchase your favorite items contained by the collection:
    The MAC + Mickey Contractor Lipsticks are available in 4 fabulous shades. Most of the shades are limited edition only so don't miss out on the opportunity to stack up on your favorites:

  • Yash- which has a deep neutral coloration
  • Mocha- which has a lovely peachy-tan coloration
  • Gulabi- which is a fabulous fuchsia colored lipstick
  • Mehr-which has a lovely dirty blue pink coloration

  • MAC has created two lovely lipglasses which, if worn over lipstick can make your lips scream KISS ME or if worn over bare lips can make your lips look as luscious as ever. The lipglasses are available in the following shades:

  • Flesh- which is a gorgeous dirty nude brown, perfect for a natural look
  • Lust- which is a gorgeous soft muted pink that will make your lips look sensual

  • No makeup look is complete without eyeshadow and the options are vast when it comes to eyeshadow territory. You can go simple or opt for a color palette depending on what works best for you, so if you're all about sophistication go for the Athma Eyehadow Quad which features the following color combinations:

  • Folie- which is a reddish-plum brown
  • Carbon- which is a matte black makeup
  • Jaan- which is a light neutral shade featuring soft gold pearls
  • Vivah- which is a brown-gold pearl

  • Also available for purchase are the fabulous mono-eyeshadows which come in 4 ravishing shades which will cause you delight and make your eye makeup perfect for day as well as evening wear whether worn simple or mixed:

  • Saffron- is a deep coral-caramel
  • Rani-is a bright fuchsia featuring a soft pink pearl
  • Marvel- is a deep purple which features a soft pink pearl
  • Oomph- is a gorgeous forest green which features a soft gold pearl

  • Defining the eyes is a must if you wish to make them the focus point of your makeup and that cannot be done without the help of eyeliner. The eyeliners created for this particular collection have a gel texture that will ensure an ultra smooth application. The eyeliners named Fluidline come in two surprising yet amazing shades:

  • Ivy- which is a gorgeous bright green
  • Siahi- a fabulous turquoise blue

  • Nothing tops the beauty of a flawless complexion and makeup can act as your best friend in achieving the flawless skin effect you are yearning for. Blushes, foundations, concealers as well as brushes can help you achieve the desired effect and thanks to the high quality of these products, the application process will be super easy and fun. Here are the products that will make your skin look radiant:

    Studio Fix Fluid Foundation
  • the shade that will match your skin is one of the following: NC41, NC43.5, NC44.5

  • Blush
  • Gana- which is a bright white-gold shade
  • Sur- which is a dirty rose brown shade

  • The concealers featured by this collection will help you hide any blemishes on your skin while the Prep+ Prime Transparent Finishing Powder will ensure your makeup receives a long lasting effect. Apply your makeup with the new MAC + Mickey Contractor makeup brushes as they will make a difference:

  • 219 pencil brush
  • 239 eye shader
  • 116 blush brush

  • The MAC + Mickey Contractor Makeup Collection is already available so don't hesitate to purchase your favorite products featured in the collection so you can radiate glamor whenever and wherever you are with ease, by just turning to your beauty case!