Monday, 31 August 2009

Magic Of Fabric : Fashion Trend Forecasting


As a predominant market in the international fashion industry, MAGIC offers an ultimate international business platform; a one-stop shopping for the entire apparel supply chain. Hundreds of exhibitors from countries across the globe consisting a full package of contract manufacturers, fabric, trim and service providers. MAGIC is a pivot where new trends surface and develop into what will be seen on the consumer.

A forthcoming event, 'Sourcing at MAGIC' is planned for execution from August 30th till September 2nd, 2009 in North America. Proposed for execution at the Las Vegas Convention Center at the Hilton, North America, the event would be an incredible showcase of design and resources.

The 'MAGIC' Exhibitors:

Key decision makers from the apparel, and fashion industry from over 40 countries are expected to be the esteemed exhibitors for the show. Many prominent labels from all across the globe participate in the event. American Eagle Outfitters, Anchor Blue, Ann Taylor, Avon, DKNY Jeans, Fashion Options, Fifth Sun, J C Penney, and French Connection Women's, are a few to name.

The February 16-19, 2009 'Sourcing at MAGIC' event at Las Vegas was a grand success proving to be the largest trade event in North America. It played a proactive role in catalyzing trade, investment and transfer processes.

Validation of beneficieries of the February 16-19 event:

From the Sourcing Exhibitors :

"This is the second time that I have participated in Sourcing at MAGIC. Last time I gained a lot of orders that I am still doing business with. This show there was several inquiries about my company and I am happy to say that I received a one million piece on-site order. There are also commitments from buyers to visit my factory. I am really impressed that MAGIC has created a lot of new things for Sourcing buyers."

Syed Mehedy Hossain, Young Star Sweater

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Indian Models Fashion Season

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Saturday, 29 August 2009

Grand Finale Designers For VHIMW Announced

Van Heusen announced that Ashish Soni; Rohit Gandhi & Rahul Khanna, will design for the Van Heusen Grand Finale for the forthcoming Van Heusen India Mens Week. They will present their Spring-Summer 2010 lines as the final show on the final day of the event scheduled to be held on September 11-13, 2009 at the Grand Hotel, New Delhi.

Ashish Soni’s contemporary formal range designed especially for the Van Heusen Grand Finale, promises to be both modern and experimental with a strong trend on narrow draped trousers, short jackets with slim lapels and sharp cuts. The garments are body hugging, very fitted, short and sharp. The collection is in three main colours, black, charcoal, and white with hints of blue, and is custom made for the experimental man. Ashish Soni’s collection as always will exhibit immaculate tailoring and attention to detail.

“I am amongst the few designers that started my career designing only menswear in 1993. Needless to say Menswear has come a very long way in our country and the fact that it is finally getting its due recognition with its own industry platform gives me tremendous happiness. Presenting a collection for the Grand Finale always comes with a sense of great excitement and I would like to thank Van Heusen for this fantastic opportunity and congratulate FDCI for putting together yet another great initiative”, said Ashish Soni.

The finale collection by Rohit Gandhi & Rahul Khanna revolves around the concept “Hypernature”- the now nature phenomenon caused by the industrialization of human culture. The duo draws inspiration from linear structures, geometrical lines and is greatly inspired by modern contemporary art. The collection enjoys an infusion of new age cuts and construction along with a strong graphic feel using texture, colour blocking and digital prints as main elements. The colour palette shows an eclectic mix between monochromes and brights and the silhouettes effortlessly blend from structured to relaxed.

The designers’ exclusive lines are being created for Vdot by Van Heusen and will retail out of Van Heusen and Vdot stores in the beginning of next year.

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Friday, 28 August 2009

Lisa Lozano’s Swimwear Collections Spell Novelty & Totally Adorable

Lisa Lozano swimwear line is now offered at Molly Brown's, a leading online swimwear store that provides top of the line designer swimsuits, apparels, accessories and cover ups. Molly Brown's offers surf world's leading designers swimwear at the online beachwear store.

Lisa Lozano signature doesn't need any introduction and the raving success of the swimwear brand speaks oodles of it. Lisa Lozano has always gathered immense kudos for her ruffle oriented bikinis and teeny-weenie designs. The swimsuits are ultra feminine, super unique and imbued with totally unconventional embellishments. She has been actively offering innovative creations to the surf world and wowed fashion moguls year after year. Molly Brown's displays a wide range of Lisa Lozano assortments, like cover ups, swimsuits and bikinis.

“Lisa Lozano has never fallen short of praises and been a hot favorite among celebrities, fashion moguls and stylistas since its initiation. The signature has always surprised the entire swimwear fashion world with its creations. At Molly Brown's we are always on the look out for such swimwear brands which can convert our first time buyers into long term clients. And that comes only if what we exhibit is promising enough to delight them”, shared Donna Allen, owner of Molly Brown's.

“Lisa Lozano is one swimwear designer, I always look up to. She comes up with some one-of-its kinds swimsuits, which are outrightly feminine. Her 2009 creations also spell novelty and are totally adorable. Well, an amazing swimwear line like Lisa Lozano getting housed at one of the leading swimwear stores like Molly Brown's is something that doesn't really come as a surprise. It's well deserved! Looking forward to visit the store sometime soon”, shared Rayna, a regular customer.

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Thursday, 27 August 2009

Anna Scholz Evokes ‘Wonderland’ Themes Of Exploring New Terrain

Popular plus size designer, Anna Scholz has dubbed her latest collection “Wonderland” in keeping with the fantastical prints and colours that she favours. In addition, multiple worlds and eras comingle in the collection, lending it a sense of playfulness and possibility.


This collection’s prints conjure computer game landscapes and technicolour, otherworldy gardens. Jungle cat prints romp alongside geometric graphics. Blocks of bold brights buttress cosmic swirls.

Past and future also mingle in Anna’s designs which often combine retro details in fresh new silhouettes. A swingy 50s style coat is modernized with a bold black and white Pac-Man print. Her 70s style maxi dress with wide pointed collar is updated and fresh in an earth tone mosaic print.

Such re-imagined classics further evoke magical “Wonderland” themes of exploring new terrain or slipping through a portal into a bygone era.

The first instalment of Autumn-Winter 09 pieces on the web shop are indeed colour-driven and bold as well as featuring all the easy glamour and effortless sex appeal that fans have come to expect from Anna Scholz’s plus size designs.

Anna’s new mosaic print on buttery soft silk is a study in understated cool. The earth tones of the print exude a subtle, low-key glamour in the form of a silk wrap maxi dress and in the clean, straight lines of a shorter kaftan dress. The new paisley print is a brilliant mix of neutrals mixed with bright pink, red and purple on a sumptuous silk tunic dress.

Further, a swingy 50s jacket in the black and white Pac-Man print puts a grown-up spin on the current rage for computer graphic patterns. Warm autumnal yellow, red, taupe and beige swirl in large geometric shapes on the roomy but feminine hip-length body of Anna’s silk satin sequin kaftan. Her black and white leopard print silk satin pieces with gunmetal sequins impart a cool prowess as does a zebra print in plum and nude on delicate georgette.

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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Herbal Textiles, Organic Textiles And Natural Fabrics : A Brief Report

Herbal Textile is dyed entirely with herbal extractions, without using any sort of chemicals and the process is different from that of vegetable dyes. The herbs used in the dyeing process are cultivated in South East Asian countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India. They also possess natural and medicinal value. Each and every herb used has their own unique medicinal value and are used for treating various ailments. They are becoming increasingly popular in the countries of the European Union.

To bring forth to our readers, the attributes of herbal dyed fabrics, Fibre2fashion spoke to Mr Arun Baid; Director of the India based Aura Herbals Textiles Ltd, who is in to manufacturing of herbal textile fabrics. Aura Herbal is certified by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) for their natural/herbal dyeing process and certified organic fabrics, textiles and yarns are used as the raw material.

We began the interview by asking Mr Baid to explain the difference between normal and herbal dyed fabrics, to which he carefully explained by saying, “Organic/Herbal fabric is soft in feel and will have more strength then conventional in comparison and it would have typical smell of herbs used for processing the same. The colors may change with the other physical/chemical and external environmental changes and are extremely therapeutic to eyes and mind. Herbally dyed colors are created from plants and minerals. All of the dyes have therapeutic uses as botanicals (herbs), or as homeopathic (diluted), or as nutritional supplements (minerals).”

Next we asked him to divulge the process involved in dyeing fabrics with herbs, to which he answered patiently by saying, “The process of herbal dyeing was developed through extensive research during the age-old dyeing methods practiced since the days of the Indus civilization. The process of herbal dyeing starts with the gray cloth passing through several stages of treatment before it becomes colorful and ready to wear. During this entire treatment only natural processes are used and the fabrics & yarns used are certified organic cotton, natural cotton, silk, wool, linen, jute, hemp etc. and their natural blends”.

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Modern luxurious elements at Luxe Market

The Luxe Collective Runway Show is a dedicated showcase of seven select independent fashion brands that specialize in luxury fashion and lifestyle. Holding the merchandise to the utmost of standards in goods from textile choices to finishing, the runway show will introduce brands that suit the lifestyle of affluent and influential consumers.Special Occasion fashion will play a large part in the presentation including Avante Garde mastery as well as sassy swimwear, all under the same standards of fit, fabric and finishing.

“The world is looking for a new type of luxury these days, where carelessly throwing on a garment is okay as long as it is made with the high standards we are used to in fashion,” states Nolcha Creative Director Lynn Furge.

The Luxe Collective will take place at Nolcha Fashion Week: New York on September 16th, simultaneously with New York Fashion Week at the iconic Bohemian National Hall in association with Czech Republic Consulate General. The featured designers are:

43.46 aggaj intrigued by the lifespan of a flower: the bright, clear and happiness of its bud, the sheer excitement of its bloom and the mysterious dark side of its demise, has created a collection enabling femininity to steer toward a contemporary and edgy direction.

Timeless swimwear shapes with a bold and contemporary twist defines well the essence of Agnes Valentine. The focus is given on a constructed silhouette, with the garment viewed as an extension of a woman’s wardrobe and ultimately taking center stage.

Dora Abodi luxury pret-a-porter collection’s theme is the both euphoric and bitter love named aptly M’amour. The keywords and inspirations are: bondage, changing the shape of silhouette, the distorted body-art works of Lucy and Bart, the mixture of soft materials (like muslin) and hard materials (like leather, technical ribbons, and industrial materials).

Elda De La Rosa’s, widely regarded as one of Chicago’s best and brightest designers, collection draws on the natural beauty of fabrics. She creates breathtaking details within romantic shapes, all the while celebrating the natural qualities of the fabric. Each gown named after strong Spanish women, there is a touch of infallibility intertwined.

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Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Hong Kong Fashion Week Defies Global Recession, Swine Flu

Now in its 16th edition, Hong Kong Fashion Week was unveiled on 6 July 2009 at Hong Kong Conventional Centre amidst hopes of business generation by the exhibitors and expectations of business visitors to locate new products and sources. It was to be so expected, inasmuch as this major industry event ranks high in the regional calendar as a top place to source all kinds of apparel and fashion accessories as well as garment-related products and services.

Keeping in view the emerging needs of the exhibitors and business visitors, the fair added new zones to the existing ones. The new zones set up by the organisers were Brand Name Gallery, which was a prestigious zone exhibiting brand-name garments. Then there was Intimate wear zone, where the exhibitors found the latest trends in lingerie and night-wear. Other specilaised sectors included World of Fashion Accessories, Infant & Childrens wear, Bridal and Evening wear, Fabrics & Yarn, Sewing Supplies, Fashion Gallery as well as International Fashion Designers Showcase, each of which was brimming with the latest styles from talented designers from Hong Kong, China as well from Indonesia and Korea.

The 1,164 exhibitors (up slightly from 1,154 last year), who came primarily from China and Hong Kong, were seeing fewer buyers. Those who did shop at the show were placing smaller orders and requesting faster delivery times. Interaction with the visitors revealed that there was less business this year as compared to earlier editions of the Week. One of the visitors, who has been regular frequenter of this event, did say that he is buying lesser this time. "You have to work harder for the same money," he said with a weary shrug

"It is very, very quiet," said Michelle Keeling, Managing Director for RTHK Clothing Exporters Ltd. in Hong Kong, which manufactures mens, womens and childrens clothing. She said Hong Kong and China have been affected by what everyone is calling a "financial tsunami." Its the delayed wave of financial disaster washing over export-based economies now affected by the downturn in importing regions such as the United States and Europe.

That was evident in the trade statistics coming out of Hong Kong. According to the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, clothing and clothing-accessories exports from Hong Kong to the United States slid 14.4 percent to $2.8 billion during the first five months of this year compared with the same period last year. Exports to Europe were down around 13 percent. "This past year has not been easy," said Vincent Fang, Chairman of the Garment Advisory Committee to the Hong Kong Trade Development Council. He is also Chief Executive of Toppy International Ltd., a Hong Kong company that owns one apparel factory in China with nearly 5,000 workers that supplies two retail chains, operating under the Episode and Jessica nameplates. Fang, who also makes shirts for Polo Ralph Lauren in the US market through contractors in Central America, said the fragile economy in the West is forcing him to expand his business in China. "The whole world is looking to China as a savior," he observed.

China may be putting the brakes on its rapid expansion, but it still has a relatively healthy economy. The World Bank projects that Chinas gross domestic product will grow a robust 7.2 percent this year. In comparison, the US gross domestic product is expected to contract between 5 percent and 6 percent.

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Monday, 24 August 2009

Two new lines of sexy costumes for Halloween by Mr. Costumes

Mr. Costumes, a premier online retailer for quality costumes and accessories in the U.S. announces the arrival of two new lines of sexy costumes for the 2009 Halloween season. With these popular, new options now available, the company hopes to build on the success of its 2008 season, which saw demand for premium quality sexy costumes like the Racy Red Robin Hood Sexy Costume drive web sales and traffic for the year.

Women wanting to turn up the heat in 2009 will now have more than 170 well-fitting sexy costumes to choose from. This year, the welcome addition of the new 'Dreamgirl' and 'Leg Avenue' lines promise to attract even greater attention to Mr. Costumes and its unique business model. Included in the new Dreamgirl line are the sensuous Dreamgirl True Blue Fairy Sexy Costume and the Dreamgirl Wizardly Delights Sexy Costume. The Leg Avenue line includes the Leg Avenue Vixen Pirate Wench Sexy Costume and the ever-popular Leg Avenue Treasure Hunt Pirate Sexy Costume. Expected to be the talk of the town at parties this year are Mr. Costumes' Top New Sexy Costumes Of 2009, which include:

Since the launch of in the Spring of 2008, Mr. Costumes has distinguished itself by offering costumes featuring only the highest quality materials and fits available on the market. Adults searching for the right costumes to highlight their bodies are welcomed by Mr. Costumes' premium quality fabrics, stylish designs and flattering fits.

To achieve these results, Mr. Costumes carefully selects sample costumes from each of its popular lines and has its employees try them on first before offering them on their website. This practice helps to ensure greater accuracy in both labeling and sizing. In addition to this, a sizing guide is made available to customers so that they can be confident that the costumes they choose are more likely to fit right and look great right out of the package.

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Saturday, 22 August 2009

Fashion Designing Vs Costume Designing

banner Introduction

Though fashion designing is now a day gaining much attention, importance and preference, one more profession which is more related to fashion designing and having a vast scope but not that much gained attention and preference is "Costume Designing".

The success of any movie or drama serial also depends on the characters costume but the audiences are mainly interested only to know about the actor, director, musician, lyricist, chromatographer or choreographer but hardly anybody interested in to know about the costume designer.

The dynamic growth of entertainment media -Television, Cinema, and technology etc., has lead to budding of number of TV channels and making of increased number of movies either nationally or regionally. The TV channels have to come up with more number of drama serials, programmes, shows in order to attract more number of viewers. Every channel whether it is a kid channel, sports channel, news channel or commercial, all have various programmes, specialty shows, drama serials. all need a Right Costume rather to say a good costume.

Costume Designing

Costume designing is an art of designing or choosing or procuring a suitable/right costume-from dresses to accessories-to a character/presenter in a play or movie or show.

An improper or wrong costume may lead to the vagueness in the play or movie or show. So to take care of the right costume for the play or movie or show, the responsibility is given to a separate person who is known as Costume designer. So every play or movie or show needs a costume designer. It is a challenging, interesting and cautious job which requires much more skills when comparing to fashion designing. Though costume designing is much related to fashion designing most of the fashion designing students are not much aware of the profession of costume designing and the scope it provides.

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Friday, 21 August 2009

Tempt lingerie line for women who knows what she wants

Aura Creations, established in 2005, came up with a vision to bring forth innovative products in the lingerie industry to serve the most delicate segment of humankind and towards that end, Aura launched a sensual lingerie brand by the name of ‘Tempt’ to appeal to the senses of the Indian women, both young and old.

‘Tempt’ has launched its initial collection of panties and within a short period of time has been able to gain the trust and confidence of the ‘Difficult to Please’ Indian women consumer. On the back of success from its initial collection, Aura within no time came up with an exclusive and total range of women’s lingerie like brassieres, panties, camisoles, etc, which have a fresh and edgy take.

‘Tempt’ can be seductive, sporty, and romantic just like today’s young women. The wide range from ‘Tempt’ includes, smooth molded cup, under wire, padded and also the general range of brassieres. The cups of the brassieres have been styled to maintain invisibility under the clothing and also create a seductive decollate.

The collection of panties are presented in different styles, bright patterns and unique prints like the String bikini, Thong, Bikini, Hipster, Regular, Modern brief, Boyleg etc. The Camisoles are also presented in various colours & styles and can be worn as a casual wear, gym wear or as an undergarment for the cool, contemporary look.

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Thursday, 20 August 2009

Olga Serova is the new face of Ivo Nikkolo brand

Olga Serova, a top model of Estonian origin, who has been the face of Emporio Armani and other luxury brands, is shown on Ivo Nikkolo autumn-winter promotional photos. Olga graces Ivo Nikkolo shop windows and billboards in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Accordingly to Mervi Lill, Ivo Nikkolo Marketing Manager, Olga was chosen because of her professionalism and fascinating appearance that matches brand’s essence. “Ivo Nikkolo is a brand for a self-confident woman who values high quality and uniqueness and wants to wear only the best. Olga represents all that very well,” said Lill.

Mervi Lill said that Ivo Nikkolo has grown from a local fashion brand to internationally well-known and beloved brand, which sets high requirements also for models that represent the brand.

Photos for Ivo Nikkolo’s autumn ad campaign, where Olga is posing in luxurious clothes, were taken by a photograph Madis Palm, Eve Hanson, Ivo Nikkolo Head Designer, worked as a stylist.

Marketing Manager confirms that Ivo Nikkolo brand is planning to continue co-operation with Serova next season. “Of course, it all depends on Olga’s schedule. At the moment she is a sought after face in fashion and beauty world and her schedule is very busy,” added Lill.

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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Lakme Studio presents ‘A Canvas Of Change’

Lakmé Salon, expert in beauty services, launched a first of its kind premium Lakmé Studio in the capital, at Basant Lok, Vasant Vihar. It comes with an array of new services and a delightful experience, bringing the finest skin experts and hair designers including Manish Malkotia and Jatin Kapoor. Spacious with special arenas dedicated to the services offered, entering the domain of avant-garde, the launch also saw exclusive beauty services like innovative nail services and a dedicated bridal section.

‘Canvas of Change’ an inspiring initiative at the launch, saw a wall of impressions inscribed by celebrities and renowned personalities penning their ‘experience of change’ with a palette of vibrant Lakmé cosmetics. It also saw the unveiling of the interactive art canvas in a unique performance by Victoria, a famous Russian artist who fuses the art forms of dancing and painting.

With a vision to be the ultimate destination salon for women, Lakmé Studio promises a complete and a pleasurable experience. From the welcome to the au revoir, it is truly a transformational journey!

Sharing his thoughts on the new launch, Mr. Anil Chopra, Chief Executive Officer, Lakmé Lever Pvt Ltd said “The Lakmé Studio reiterates Lakmé’s belief and commitment towards offering a holistic beauty experience encompassing a wide range of high quality beauty products and professional services by the finest beauty and hair experts. With Lakmé Studio, we partner the new age Indian women to realize her individual creative expression of beauty. An unparalleled, exclusive experience of services delivered with expertise is our promise”.

Adding on to this, Shilpa Sinha, Chief Marketing Officer, Lakmé Lever Pvt. Ltd. said “In line with the excellent quality of services, Lakmé Studio now offers a brand new look and feel. The new uniforms created exclusively for Lakmé Studio by designer Hemant Sagar adds to the entire experience. Our design inspiration to create a new dynamic representation of the global Indian woman was rooted in the ‘mandala’ concept which represents wholeness.

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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Break for Levi’s brand – a ‘New Stories of America’

Break Media launches the first of a series of Levi’s branded
‘mockumentaries’ that adopt elements of documentary style filmmaking to chronicle stories about offbeat, entertaining events with a growing underground following around the country.

The first of four mockumentaries will premiere today on a branded channel created at for the Levi’s brand that will be titled, “New Stories of America.” The channel can be found at

Developed by Creative Lab, the creative content shop within Break Media, the mockumentaries are designed to tell stories in a way that will engage Break’s much sought after young male audience. The short videos are the latest digital component of the Levi’s brand’s “Go Forth” marketing campaign which launched in July 2009 and is targeted at the young male demographic.

“Creating content that really engages the young male audience online is the challenge we confront every day on our team,” said Jonathan Small, VP of Creative Lab and Editorial at Break Media. “We thought these mockumentaries and their humorous take on quirky, fun, offbeat events would offer an opportunity for Levi’s to promote their brand through content that guys would really respond to.”

“This branded mockumentary concept developed by Break’s Creative Lab captured our attention because it injects humor and fun to our 'Go Forth' campaign message that we’re confident will resonate with the young male demographic we’re trying to reach,” said Megan O’Connor, Director of Levi’s Digital Marketing.

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Monday, 17 August 2009

‘Body’ collection by CK Jeans is sexy & modern, yet edgy…

The iconic American designer denim brand, Calvin Klein Jeans introduces its new collection for Fall 2009 and the highlight this season is ‘Body’ one of the latest innovations in jeans by Calvin Klein. The new premium denim Body line is offered with a skinny leg for women, and a classic straight-leg cut, sexy fit for men. Layering is key this season. For women, layer a tank under a boyfriend sweater, fit to the body, skinny denim jean or mini pleated skirt. For men, layer a washed plaid shirt under the textured cable sweater, and the protective nylon jacket for a fresh, yet utilitarian look.

This season, Calvin Klein Jeans Fall 09 campaign features actress Eva Mendes and model Jamie Dornan. Shot by photographer Steven Klein in the desert in Palm Springs, California, these dramatic black and white campaigns will feature the exciting new Calvin Klein Jeans Body, a revolutionary, new jean for men and women, uniquely designed for a more contoured and shape enhancing fit.

Fits. Focus is on modern utility and comfort, and paring down of details for a more body conscious look. Pin tucked and architecturally folded pleats add feminine details and softness to tops and dresses. Jackets and denims layered in different fabric and customized with special washings are new this season for women and men.

Details. Rear pocket treatments with slightly modified new Omega stitching and metallic details, double layer pocket top, and bounded interior seams for stability. Men’s jeans are offered in button or zipper with body-defining fit with enhanced front fly profile. While women’s are offered in button with body-defining fit for a flattering rear shape.

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Friday, 14 August 2009

Ashley Tisdale Fashion : Hottest Teen on Her Sexy Body and Voice


Ashley Tisdale
Today's hottest teens are generations icons. In entertainment industry as well as in other scope of fashion world, celebrity teens are the icons of today's trend. There are well known celebrity teens who are the images of young generations. Remember in High School Musical? The young voluptuous sexy character known Sharpay Evans splendid its sexy character as fashion icon in this movie. She got the sexy voice and hottie fashion statement which every viewer love her style. In the character Sharpay Evans acted by Ashley Tisdale; it was so very intriguing about her style of fashion. There are lot of designer clothes where she put strength in her data fashion lifestyle.

Ashley Tisdale Style
Sharpay Evans in High school Musical is one of the lovely lady, a perfect teen icon, and sexy personality which really catch up the eye of every guy in the neighborhood. In this character, the fashion statement of Ashley Tisdale brought the light of stardom to her. Ashley Tisdale has great fashion style as well as very impressive voice. She is a lady that every man wanted to be a partner. A dream girl of everyone.

Ashley Tisdale Hot sexy photoAbout our Hottest teen Ashley Tisdale, Ashley Michelle Tisdale was born July 2, 1985 in Monmount County, New Jersey. She is an American actress, singer-songwriter and television producer. Ashley's first major role as an actress was Maddie Fitzpatrick in Disney's The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. She went on to appear in the High School Musical film series as the female antagonist Sharpay Evans. She made music history by becoming the first female artist to debut with two songs simultaneously on the Billboard Hot 100 with "What I've Been Looking For" and "Bop to the Top".

ashley tisdale sexy photoAfter her first High School Musical appearance, she pursued a solo music career and on February 6, 2007, she released her debut album Headstrong. The album debuted at number five on the U.S. charts, selling over 64,000 copies in the first week, and was later certified Gold. Tisdale has a supporting role as Candace Flynn in Disney Channel's Phineas and Ferb. Tisdale's second studio album, Guilty Pleasure was first released on June 16, 2009 and in North America on July 28, 2009. Tisdale will be starring in Aliens in the Attic, which will be released on July 31, 2009.

Ashley Tisdale Fashion and styleAshley Tisdale has a mezzo-soprano voice range. Her music is predominantly considered pop, and has included ballads and contemporary R&B. For her sophomore album, Tisdale decided to move to a pop rock style. Love and heartbreak are the major themes in Tisdale's songs. Her output makes use of electronic instruments such as drum machines, guitars and pianos. Tisdale has cowritten four songs on her debut album, which include "Not Like That" and "Suddenly". She has also cowritten several tracks on Guilty Pleasure.Her musical influences include Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Michael Jackson and many '80 songs. In October 2007, Tisdale signed a promotional deal for the Eckō Red Designer clothing brand in which she toured malls across the U.S. Tisdale functioned as spokesperson and performed in conjunction with fashion shows hosted at each mall. In 2008, Tisdale teamed up with Huckleberry Toys to produce a limited edition of dolls modeled after herself. The dolls were manufactured by Huckleberry Toys and featured outfits from her music videos. She also appeared in commercials for Toys "R" Us, T-Mobile, and appeared in one promotional campaign for Staples, Inc.'s "Geared 4 School" sweepstakes.
Ashley Tisdale Sexy PhotoAshley is very fashionable in her fashion statement as well as in her awesome voice that really hit on the top spot of Music billboard internationally. She mend as perfect model for any designer clothing brands like Ralph Lauren. As we can see her style, her alluring voice and body was extremely touch the heart of every men. To see Ashley's Fashion Fantasy, here are some of her fashionable sexy images:

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Thursday, 13 August 2009

Polish city of Warsaw emerges as a fast growing lingerie hotspot

London, Milan and Paris are considered lingerie Capitals, but another, less likely, European city is giving them all a run for their money, as the Polish city of Warsaw emerges as a fast growing underwear hotspot, with increasingly sexy designs, and a credit-crunch friendly price tag.

Online lingerie retailer, Wickedelic Lingerie is one of the few UK places selling the latest Polish designs, and has seen a massive 500% increase in demand for the Eastern European lingerie over the past year, doubling the number of lines it stocks to try to meet demand.

Wickedelic Lingerie spokesperson, Nik Grant said: “The Polish lingerie we stock combines the coolness of London, the glamour of Milan, and the sexiness of Paris, and its value for money means customers are finding a recession busting way of keeping the spark alive in their relationships.”

Nik continued: “In Poland it gets pretty cold, which provides a perfect excuse for couples to spend long nights in by the fire, so it’s no surprise that their designers are producing gorgeous lingerie to keep the sparks burning bright.”

Wickedelic Lingerie

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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Miss MAK sexy cruise collection creates magic at MBFW Swim

Miss MAK designs joins forces with Aqua di Lara creating magic moments at Mercedes Bens Fashion Week Swim 2009 Miami, Florida, USA Friday, July 17.

To the rescue for a hectic travel season comes Miss MAK Designs! Whether she is island hopping in the Caribbean or she is basking in the sun on the many beaches around the Mediterranean, the Miss MAK woman will not go unnoticed! Fresh and flirty styles make day to night a sea breeze, while it is high drama on the open seas with head-turning, multi-purpose bags and totes.

Forever eclectic, the Miss MAK woman takes it to the beach (or upper deck) with rich, warm colors that well accent her BBB (Beautifully Bronzed Body). Lush, regal suedes and metallic perforated leathers marry to create beach totes, cross body hobo and large saddle bags with lengths of chain detailing. Authentic reptile embellishments further personalize your Miss MAK arm candy experience.

Fairer pastel hues, in suede croco prints, bring the outside indoors with combinations such as Wet Sand mixed with Sunrise and Aqua trim. Fun and girly items are conceived with the results being butterfly shaped clutches, micro hand pouches with bow accents, convertible round clutches with peek-a-boo handles and an adjustable belt / safari messenger bag. Art in innovation!

Cruise 2010 also introduces the Dreamweaver collection, colorful leather woven goods inspired by rainbows and the soon-to-be hit, leather braided Boho hair bands.

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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Little Black Magic



Fashion-trends are cyclic in nature, the history of women's fashion has witnessed many trends coming in and fading away eventually. But there are some trends which not only survived beyond a certain time frame but reinvented themselves thereby becoming immortal.

These classics are not mere designs but visions drafted with utmost purity and clarity in terms of design processes.

Little black dresses

The little black dress is a semi-formal evening wear outfit with simple cuts and short length originally made popular in the 1920s by veteran designer called Coco-Chanel.

Projected by Chanel to be a long-lasting, versatile, affordable, and accessible to the widest market possible and in a neutral color.

Through this paper we would be discussing the power of this sensuous outfit after all it doesnt happens everyday in the fashion world where a designs continued ubiquity is such that many refer to it by the abbreviation LBD.


Wearing the color black and mourning used to be occasions going hand in hand, black a neutral among other colors was always offered a step treatment, a subject of detest, something which everyone would like to avoid coming across.

With painters painting black as evil, authors writing about the negativity associated with, it was nothing more then a symbol of fatality and casualty. For example the painting called Portrait of Madame X, by John Singer Sargent.

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Monday, 10 August 2009

Wild & sexy 2009 Sofia by Vix swimwear range for every mood

2009 Sofia by Vix swimwear collection is now available at Molly Brown’s web site, an online swimwear store for high-end, designer beachwear. Myriad of Sofia by Vix swimsuits, cover ups and dresses are at display and can be browsed and purchased by visiting its website.

Counted among the hottest retailers of top of the line swimwear, Molly Brown’s has been delivering its clientele nothing but exclusive beach apparels for more than 30 years now. Diffusing high fashion fever year after year, Sofia by Vix is designed by Paula Hermanny and is a blend of whimsical and flirty essence.

The designer swimwear range aims at delighting fashion-conscious teenagers and young and athletic women. Hermanny collections are inspired by Brazilian culture and are quite popular for its fine designs, distinct silhouettes and ideal embellishments. Wild, sexy and unique, the 2009 Sofia by Vix swimwear range has something for every mood.

“Swimwear fashion has escalated beyond just being up-to-trend; it’s more about touting a statement and making an impression. Sofia by Vix signature has always remained a favorite among fashion forward people and there’s no denying the fact that the designer swimwear range has a mainstream appeal to it as well. At Molly Brown’s, we acknowledge exquisite creations and make it available for our clientele. Molly Brown’s is a store for those who insist on high end products”, shared Donna Allen, the owner of the store.

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Saturday, 8 August 2009

Violet Fashion : Spiritual Colour Energy


Among the seven color of the Rainbow, Violet is known as the spiritual color as it boost up the energy of our spiritual life. Violet is not common color when it comes to fashion because there are certain season and clothing which the beauty of Violet color suits up. As we look on the fashion industry, Violet products clothing and apparels are not just ordinary in our eyes.

Violet products remains unique and valuable in possession of style and designs. Most of Violet fashion products are shows only in major fashion gatherings and other elite class gathering. Because Violet fashion implicates the luxury and elegance of Fashion. The status of violet fashion can be seen not in all fashionista but only in fashionistats who are brave to brought up Violet color as part of their Fashion statement.

There are some people in other countries where they put up boldness or high emancipated fashion trend in Violet color. This Violet color trend sometimes exclusive for Alta Social people who possess the quality of Luxurious fashion lifestyle. The dis advantage of this Violet color is not suits for different color or tones of our skins. Violet color was perfectly suits only into light-tone color skins. With light skins, you can see the beauty and perfectness of Violet trends.

Violet is the ray of spiritual mastery. It is the highest and most subtle specialization of light, being at the opposite end of the color spectrum to red. It should be viewed as both a completion as well as a beginning of the energy vibration beyond the visible color spectrum. Violet appear as the color of spiritual concertina which reflects as the color of our divination or spiritual infinitives.

As to the meaning of violet color, Violet is a combination of both red and blue and this is key to understanding this color. It brings stabilizing energy to the dominating springs of red which lends practicality to the undirected spaciousness of blue. Here are some meanings of Violets colors: darker tones are associated with sorrow, deep purple signifies high spiritual attainment, pale lilac brings love for humanity, bluish purple brings idealism, sparks the imagination and inspiration, and integrates other energies for healing purposes.

A perfect balance of Red and Blue, instilling both Strength and dignity, Violet is the color of Spirituality. It is the color of people seeking spiritual fulfillment. Too much violet can bring out qualities of irritability, impatience, and arrogance. As well as too little violet can feel powerless, negative and apathetic. Warm and spiritual, violet is a cousin to blue, incorporating pinky and purple tones.

The strength of Violet into Designer Clothing industry is the uniqueness and power tone of it. It gives more accent to the tone of our skins and sprung the shimmering beauty of fashionista as she wear Violet clothing. Some of the fashion designers work with their sweat as they push dedication and bravery in designing the Violet trends. Because Violet is not just a color where you can make any wardrobe or clothing that suits in this color.

You can deal on the style and category of fashion design when you work for Violet color trend. Not all the season accommodates Violet trends. The most suited fashion season in procreating Violet Fashion is during autumn season. It suits for winter and summer also but it doesn't push as part of both trends.
Extend your wardrobe collection with eclectic, romantic, and retro inspired collections from the modern designs of Violet trend nowadays like the collection of different designer clothes brands like Ralph Lauren which you can find in fashion boutiques, malls, and in online shops. Violet trend is partly much suited for womens clothing. Though there are Violet designer clothing apparel which focus in clothes for men like violet Ralph Lauren Polo.

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