Sunday, 12 September 2010

Beauty Secrets of the 'Desperate Housewives'

banner Society has come a long way now that TV's hottest stars are (gulp!) over 40. Finally Hollywood has learned what many of us have known all along: Women are sexy at any age. Since 'Desperate Housewives' came out, America has been transfixed. So how do these women manage to look so hot at 30, 40 and older? We've collected all their beauty bits and pieces from TV, magazines and more and here we share them with you.

Teri Hatcher's beauty secrets. US Weekly reports the secret to Teri's look is the old adage, 'less is more.' Since Teri is 40, less makeup makes her look fresher. Her makeup artist and hairstylist, Don Malot, adds a luminescent liquid to her foundation to make her skin 'dewy and glowy.' He also uses a brown shadow with shimmer to make Hatcher's brown eyes stand out.

How to get her hair. Although Hatcher has naturally wavy hair and wore soft curls on the red carpet the night she won the Golden Globe, she prefers it straight. Since even wavy hair can look flat (and flat, straight hair is not 'in' at the moment), Malot gives it extra body by applying Redken Spray Starch to damp strands before drying Hatcher's hair straight.

How to look 30 when you're 40. InStyle Magazine pulled together a photo gallery of her hairstyles from 1986 to now. Check it out. You'll notice she's grown out her once short locks. This is a great hint for those of you over 40: don't go for short-short hair or over-coiffed do's. Instead, opt for a shoulder-length shag with layers. Avoid the blunt cuts.

Plastic Surgery: Has she or hasn't she? The UK's Daily Mail puts Hatcher under the plastic surgery microscope. Experts debate whether she's had an under-eye lift (Hatcher tends to have baggy eyes), Botox and a nose job. Hatcher admitted to using Botox on Oprah in April, 2006. See photos from then and now and then judge for yourself.

Eva Longoria's beauty secrets. Longoria, the only star on the show under 40 (she's 31) tells Us Weekly, "I don't overdo the hair and makeup." Like Hatcher, she knows the secret to looking young is to not pile on the makeup. Instead, Longoria adds color to her dark looks by adding a bit of gold shimmer cream from Girlactik to her cheeks & forehead. The actress also loves the line's Star Shadows in Timeless & Satin.

How to look 20 when you're 30. Do highlight your best features. Longoria, for example, shows off her legs, not her cleavage. If it's your eyes, play them up. If you have full lips, show them off with a gloss or dare to go red. Don't use a thick concealer, it will settle into fine lines highlighting your flaws. For a dewy glow, try Longoria's favorite foundation, Laura Mercier Foundation .

Marcia Cross's beauty secrets. More than the other stars on the show, Cross is known for her porcelain complexion. How does she keep her skin so gorgeous at 43? Us Weekly reports Cross uses the ultra-luxe and super-hydrating Crème de la Mer to keep her skin soft. She then applies a creamy foundation and tops it all off with a pressed powder. For lips, she uses glosses by Dessert Beauty (try Desserts Deliciously Kissable Plumping Lip Gloss in Dreamy.

Want Cross's hair on 'Housewives'? Newsweek reports that when Cross showed for the photos for the magazine's article in late 2004, she balked when asked to pose as Bree Van Der Kamp. It seems Cross didn't want to pose in her character's trademark 'do, the flip that has helped make her famous. But if you want the look it's easy to do, simply blow dry your hair straight but flip the bottom up with a round, steel brush. The aluminum barrel on these brushes rely on the heat and act as a curling iron for your hair.

Nicollette Sheridan's beauty secrets. Us Weekly reports Sheridan treats her face to monthly customized Super Performance Facial Treatments ($200 a pop) at L.A.'s Jim Wayne salon. These facials help treat her skin (which is dry & sensitive according to her facialist, Octavia Ellington). As for her hair, Jim Wayne cuts her trademark blonde locks in long layers for a 'young, sexy, hot look,' he tells Us. The makeup artists on 'Housewives' use pink tones on the actress, who is reportedly a 'gloss maven' and prefers Jessica Simpson's link textDessert beauty line.

Has Sheridan or hasn't Sheridan? Whether or not Sheridan has gone under the knife has been under debate for years. Her post-Knots Landing face drew notice from gossip columnist Liz Smith, who dubbed it 'startlingly exotic' & 'a little transgendered-esque.' Sheridan immediately fought back with a statement that called Smith's allegations, 'malicious and patently false rumors… sprung whole cloth from ... feverish, overactive and inaccurate imaginations.' She even had plastic surgeon Frank Ryan examine her face without finding a single scar. Judge her transformation for yourself on InStyle . debates whether Sheridan has had breast implants.


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