Monday, 22 November 2010

Kangana Ranaut flaunts Lawman look at BeYu Fashion Awards


The BeYu Fashion Awards 2010 set the stage for twelve of the most successful fashion designers from across the country to showcase their creativity, talent and concepts with fabrics, Natural Dye. And what burst forth were designs that were original, experimental and unexplored. The country’s top models sashayed in and out, seemingly draped in clothes as light as air and yet the degree of chic never wavered, challenging you to carry them off with just as much panache!

All of Bangalore’s glitterati had converged at the event. With the presence of all the big names in fashion from Prasad Bidapa to Actress Sanjana to Designer Sneha and Jackie Shetty, the Glamour quotient was at an all time high. Other known faces that could not be missed were those of Anuj Saxena, the Actress Ragini Dwivedi, Ramesh Dembla and Designer Sanchita Ajjampur.

The two day extravaganza reached its peak when the showstopper for LAWMAN Pg3 jeans, Kangana Ranaut lit the ramp with her curvaceous figure and feline walk. She proved a pair of sexy, smouldering jeans can drop jaws just as much as an embellished Lehenga or gown on a showstopper. The Bangalorean fashionistas could not get enough of the sensuous Lawman Pg3 look which Kangana flaunted with abandon. 

Delighted to have walked for LAWMAN Pg3, Kangana says with a smile, “It was wonderful to walk the ramp for Lawman Pg3 in Bengaluru. I find Lawman Pg3 the most innovative international fashion brands of recent times”. 

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