Wednesday, 16 February 2011

‘A Beautiful Mind’ says something to spring summer


The DOZAKH’s collection is conceptualized under the unique theme “A Beautiful Mind”. If the human mind is strong enough to create reality, why can’t reality be entirely beautiful? Masters of their craft, who chose to soar beyond the average mind, succumbed to murderous webs spun by their own psyches. Freedom and responsibility are considered inseparable and yet one loses out to the other in a mere illusion of the mind.

The silhouette integrates the romanticism of the pre-Raphaelite period where art was at its finest, but the glory was short lived. Intricately designed free flowing chiffons are broken by complex rushing, gathering and pin tucks. Ombre shades give way to strong shadow work hiding beneath the wistful folds of sheer fabric. Temperamental reds and grey’s, quixotic off-whites, soft pale pinks, blood reds and shades of navy comes together in an effort to lay an extensive framework of a beautiful mind.

“DOZAKH” finds way to bring incomprehensible emotions like love, lust and obsession to the free spirited soul through the art form of fashion. Known for the workmanship and services, the flagship store in Hauz Khas Village came into existence in 2006. The label came about with Isha’s panache and originality, Kartikeya’s intuitive, rebellious and unique sense of style. Their inclination towards dark & revolutionary themes led to the conception of their label. 
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