Thursday, 16 June 2011

70s Fashion

70’s fashion was an eclectic mix of things that were both modern as well as long forgotten.
On the one hand it was the decade of disco and everything that came with it. Strobe lights, polyester and platform shoes.
It also closely followed the flower power 60’s from where it would draw a large amount of inspiration through the hippy inspired fashion and ethnic influences.

And at the same time it got a lot of influences from nostalgia for the decades past, the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s and even for the Edwardian era.
It was the decade when women truly started being empowered and they demonstrated this by wearing a varied mix of styles and colors, and creating the midi and maxi skirt for occasions when the mini skirt or hot pants weren’t exactly ideal.
Long hair continued to be fashionable for both men and women, and the decade saw the rise in popularity of jeans, and they’ve never faltered since. Bell bottoms and platform shoes were the main stay for most of the decade, but at the same time the 70’s saw the rise in popularity of trainer and running shoes, and bell bottoms started to narrow towards their normal dimensions towards the end of the decade. This period is certainly an era which has not been forgotten banner

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