Saturday, 2 July 2011

Prom Dresses 2011 Color Trends


Prom Dresses 2011 | Oscar de la Renta
“You have to make a woman fall in love with your clothes.” That was Oscar de la Renta backstage before his pre-fall show, talking about how to woo the customer during the recession. Take a look at some prom dresses 2011.

The color trends for prom dresses 2011 are shinny popping colors. Striking pink, amazing orange, deep purple and bold blue are used 2011 prom dress colections. Insight these colors you can find all sorts of lovely shades and hues.
You can find the perfect shade to match your coloring to complement your personal style whether you are a brunette, blonde, or somewhere in between.
Keep in mind that classic white or black formal prom dresses are always in style and always a good choice. So if have been desiring for a stunning silky black gown or a fresh white dress, you will definitely shine.
It doesn’t matter how amazing and beautiful your prom dress looks on a mannequin or model, if the dress is not fitted for your body style, it will just not complement you.
That doesn’t mean that you can’t find the perfect prom dress for your prom party. What really means is that you have to take the most honest friend or relative you have and hit the shops, to be patient and calm, to try on a lots of different designs and see what color, style, length,.. makes you feel and look special. That’s it.

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