Friday, 22 May 2009

Ancient Egyptians forerunners of modern fashion

Ancient Egyptians took a lot of care in grooming their appearance, and their garments were designed, crafted, and worn with great thought and care.

Their clothing style gave them a unique cultural look in history. Fashion designers today get their inspiration from the past. Egyptian fashion is an apt example of this.

The black kohl eyeliner used by ancient Egyptians to darken and highlight their eyes, are showcased today by both male and female models in the ramp shows.

Models are seen strolling down the runways of prominent international fashion shows displaying trendy garments designed with an inspiration of elegant Egyptian clothing.

Pleating and draping was a popular style followed by Egyptians. The recent Balenciaga's 2009 Spring & Summer collection displayed outfits with pleating wrapping the entire body and covering the arms in the same way as Egyptian clothing.

High waistlines that were popular in Egyptian times are seen in fashion currently through the revival of baby doll dresses. Lightweight linen clothes worn during ancient times are followed even today.

In the current day's trend, many Egyptian motives are used. The hieroglyphics (ancient Egyptian letters), sphinxes, lotus flowers and scarab (a beetle associated with Egyptian god Kepera) are seen in dresses, and other fashion related accessories also. Egyptian style is adopted more strongly in US and in Europe.

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