Monday, 18 May 2009

Fashionistas Favorite Jeans Likely To Remain All Time Favourite

Jeans is a perfect choice of clothing; be it official or for casual wears. Be, it an expensive outfit, or just a brand new pair bought with the Sunday newspaper coupons, jeans is everyone’s favorite form of clothing.

Initially used as sturdy trousers worn by men, and women in factories during the second world war, the garment underwent major changes during the 50s.

Introduction of bell bottoms proved that jeans can make a fashion statement. Presently, various styles from skin tight to baggies, in a wide range of colors are available in the market.

Jeans with embroidery, patches, rhinestones, and many more fancy patterns are in vogue to suit to preferences of every one.

The evolution of jeans will continue, and they will become more formal, leaving "dress pants" hanging in boutiques and closets in favor of pants that started as simply sturdy work pants for factory workers.

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