Monday, 16 November 2009

‘Wear Sunday Best’ with Cassette Tape Neckties

What if a man can show off his persona with a flattering necktie? That too, with a tie made from a recycled audio cassette tape?

Now, looking fashionable and dressing up to the trend is not just womens dome. Men can also emphasize their best qualities and highlight their personality with the right choice of clothing and accessories. Manufacturers adopt novel ideas to keep with the trend, and capture the market as well. Recycling old and worn out objects to create something new and fresh out of them is one among them. This is attractive in a way that it is environmentally friendly, and also haves some creative applications for old items. A new debut in the ecological market is musical neckties made from recycled audio cassette tapes.

Tapes from old audio cassettes are recycled and are used for making neck ties. A little incredible; isnt it? An output of creativity by a New York designer, Julio Cesar, old and unused audio cassette tapes are recycled, and beautiful neckties are made from it. 50% of the materials of these ties are made from old and recorded audio cassette tape and the remaining 50% is blended with color thread.

Recycled cassette tape neckties look decent enough to be worn on a daily basis. Made from beautiful, durable, and audible textile, they can be worn as a formal wear. The wearer becomes a beacon, with a garb in a traditional environment. With the increasing threat of global warming, and a concern for environmentally friendly life style, using these recycled ties will give a satisfaction to the owner about conservation of the environment. 



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