Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Megan Fox seeks for the return of corsets in fashion


According to Hollywood actor, Megan Fox, corsets should return to the fashion world. The comment was passed when she wore a corset to play the role of gun-wielding Lilah in her new movie, Jonah Hex.

As per Fox the corset is one of the best garments that can mould an individual’s figure in the most unexpected manner.

Fox also believes that the fashion industry does have a place for corsets and therefore, they should come back. But, although she wants to reappear in the fashion world, she did admit that it was a difficult apparel to be worn as it was extremely tight fitting.

Fox avers that, during her action scenes, the corset, which was otherwise small of only about 18 inches, had to be loosened, as everyone on the set believed that Fox might just pass out, owing to lack of oxygen. It was so tight that, she was left with rib pains by the time she completed her shoot.
At the Jonah Hex premiere, Megan Fox was out to flaunt not only her red Armani Prive dress, but the fashion forward and I do mean forward outfit where her breasts were on show.

As daring as the famous Jennifer Lopez Grammy dress by Versace when the neckline was so low one wondered why one of her boobs didn't pop out (the answer: two sided tape), this Armani was a highlight while Megan Fox wore it with her pals at the opening of the new film co-starring Josh Brolin. While looking through all the pictures, I didn't see many people looking at Megan's beautiful face which is a shame because the newly engaged starlet is very beautiful.

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