Friday, 23 July 2010

Damas unveils svelte Sirius watch collection


Damas, the leading international jewellery and watch retailer in the Middle East, introduces Sirius by Chronoswiss.

The name of this line is inspired by the brightest star of a very special constellation that becomes visible in the night sky called the Sirius. This star outshines all the others. The name of the watch originates from the Greek language (Seirios, which means blazing or burning). Due to its special brightness, Sirius has been used as a navigational aid by seafarers from time immemorial, such as on the Polynesian island groups.

Ajay Pandey – GM Category & Marketing Head of Damas said: “Sirius by Chronoswiss is an amazing watch. The ticking Sirius reaches maximum sparkle with its combination of timeless aesthetics and clever technical details: within its elegant and particularly svelte case a horological treasure is housed: exclusive manufacture Caliber C.111. It is based on an historical manually wound movement from the 1950s, which today is only available from Chronoswiss.” 

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