Thursday, 20 January 2011

Elena Vasilevsky to unveil her hot ‘Rhythm’


As the pulse-pounding Latin beat intoxicate and sensual, charismatic dancers in steaming heels move to the rhythm of the Latin percussion, Fashion Designers Elena Vasilevsky (Elena V) is unveiling her latest, super hot “Rhythm Collection” aiming to showcase sensual dance costumes by Latin Style dancers.

Exquisite Dance Collection inspired gorgeous dancers seductively display their style and shines in sparkly, flowy, sexy costumes, radiating sensuality and glamour, elegance, class and high style fashion.

Costumes designed by Elena Vasilevsky (Elena V) inspired by Latin flavor and a pulse of Latin Rhythm are every bit exotic and vibrant as the dancers turned models, dominate the catwalk with insinuating hips, unbuttoned shirt, tassels and fringe, sparkle and spark. Each provocative costume is dancer’s pure expression of individuality through style, energizing with shakes, shimmies, leg lifts and other erotic movements with all of its Latin spice.

Elena V’s Signature Collections include: Rhythm, Essentials, Atelier and soon to be launched “Momentum” -- active wear line. Elena’s exquisite designs energize with sensuality, confidence and passion, on and off the dance floor.

“My designs express my soul and my passion for dancing. Fragile femininity, mixed with high voltage passion drives me to design collections that radiate sensuality mixed with confidence,” says Elena V.

“Dance and Fashion” My Eternal Passion - Calendar Project, targeted to launch in early Spring 2011, will benefit a special cause to raise funds for special organization helping to keep Latin American kids off the streets, off drugs and other unhealthy destructive activities. Partial proceeds from the sales of the calendar will be donated to special cause.

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