Thursday, 27 January 2011

Maggie Sottero calls out Love How YOU Fit


Award-winning fashion designer, Maggie Sottero, known internationally for its meticulous attention to the "fit" of its off-the-runway designs, is calling out to women nationwide to Love How YOU Fit, and giving away wedding gowns to ten lucky brides who respond that they do.

"We've achieved our success on knowing how to 'fit' a bride on the most important day of her life," explains Diana Williams, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "We know a bride blossoms in her perfect dress. We know we contribute to the glow of her special day. However, we also know that the glow fades fast if it doesn't come from within."

Maggie Sottero Designs, headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, was established on a set of principles that continue to guide its course, namely: the courage to stand apart in an industry steered by fashion giants, the determination to embrace its individuality in stylization and construction techniques, and the conviction to remain authentic, regardless of outside influence. The one-time newcomer, now recent inductee into the DEBI (Distinctive Excellence in the Bridal Industry) Hall of Fame, is searching for brides that exemplify these attributes in their own lives.

"We're traveling from city to city in search of brides who can say, 'I love how I fit,' not only in their clothes, but in their family, their workplace, their peer group, their community, and their life," states Williams. "And we're giving away wedding gowns to ten such brides. Maggie Sottero's mission statement is to 'make dreams a reality for every Maggie bride.' We take it seriously, and we're taking it to the road in an effort to help brides understand that the dream that comes true begins in knowing yourself, accepting yourself and celebrating the unique woman you are.

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