Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Dubai's Global Fashion Ranking Set To Rise In 2010 - Esmod

Dubai is expected to rise further in the 2010 ‘top fashion cities of the world’ ranking after climbing up 13 positions from 24th in 2007 to 11th currently, according to the French Fashion University Esmod (FFUE) in Dubai, the regional arm of the renowned Esmod International Fashion University Group. 

Trends in the local fashion scene point towards a further rise in the rankings, which are compiled by Global Language Monitor and set to be released in July this year.

Dubai is the only city in the Arab World to enter the list of the top 30 global fashion cities and the second only to Hong Kong in Asia, according to the report. Esmod Dubai pointed that Arabian styles are already influencing European street fashion while celebrity designers such as Christian Lacroix have been incorporating Arab-inspired ensembles into their wardrobe. The University will be sending its students, many of them Emiratis, on a trip to Tokyo, Japan from March 23 to 31, 2010 to expose them to the Japanese fashion scene in order to widen their fashion knowledge and broaden the scope and appeal of Arab fashion.

“Tokyo is well-known for its creative fashion and haute couture. Our students can learn a lot from the city’s designers on how to harmonize colors and innovatively match clothing.Like Dubai,Tokyo also enjoys applying traditional designs to contemporary fashion,” said Tamara Hostal, Director and Founder, French Fashion University Esmod Dubai. “Our visit to Japan will reinforce our mission that our students should continue to explore all kinds of fashion styles and techniques in order to enhance their creativity and broaden their range.


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