Thursday, 20 August 2009

Olga Serova is the new face of Ivo Nikkolo brand

Olga Serova, a top model of Estonian origin, who has been the face of Emporio Armani and other luxury brands, is shown on Ivo Nikkolo autumn-winter promotional photos. Olga graces Ivo Nikkolo shop windows and billboards in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Accordingly to Mervi Lill, Ivo Nikkolo Marketing Manager, Olga was chosen because of her professionalism and fascinating appearance that matches brand’s essence. “Ivo Nikkolo is a brand for a self-confident woman who values high quality and uniqueness and wants to wear only the best. Olga represents all that very well,” said Lill.

Mervi Lill said that Ivo Nikkolo has grown from a local fashion brand to internationally well-known and beloved brand, which sets high requirements also for models that represent the brand.

Photos for Ivo Nikkolo’s autumn ad campaign, where Olga is posing in luxurious clothes, were taken by a photograph Madis Palm, Eve Hanson, Ivo Nikkolo Head Designer, worked as a stylist.

Marketing Manager confirms that Ivo Nikkolo brand is planning to continue co-operation with Serova next season. “Of course, it all depends on Olga’s schedule. At the moment she is a sought after face in fashion and beauty world and her schedule is very busy,” added Lill.

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