Friday, 7 August 2009

Scarves...Timeless Fashion

banner When you're just using scarves to complement your outfit, you truly can't go wrong with beautiful silk scarves. Scarves made from other material such as angora, cashmere, velvet, and chenille are also good as fashion accessories. It's fact that women are very cautious about their looks, therefore, they always select high quality scarves that actually enhance their beauty. Embroidered scarves are mostly used with a sweater, blouse or suit to make your outfit fabulous and velvet scarf is one of the most popular clothing items of women.

Ever since the beginning of civilization, human beings have always been extremely fascinated with accessories. It has always been around and has come in many different forms. While gold pendants, medals and fancy robes make up the hottest accessories centuries ago, today's accessories come in the form of electronic gadgets, shades and the like.

And although it has evolved into different things over the years, accessories will always play a big role in society. One accessory that has seen consistent popularity over its lifetime is the scarf. It has been around for quite some time now and when it was first introduced to the public, it was done so as a practical way of carrying a handkerchief. Of course, practicality was very much favored during that time so people followed suit and accessorized in this fashion.

Several centuries later, people found a different way to use scarf and this boosted its popularity among the people even further. It was used as a uniform for different groups. Because it was very cheap, easy to produce and could come in many different colors, big groups such as armies used these as identification tags. The different colors represented the specific rank of a soldier and this was adopted by several other groups and armies.

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