Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Break for Levi’s brand – a ‘New Stories of America’

Break Media launches the first of a series of Levi’s branded
‘mockumentaries’ that adopt elements of documentary style filmmaking to chronicle stories about offbeat, entertaining events with a growing underground following around the country.

The first of four mockumentaries will premiere today on a branded channel created at Break.com for the Levi’s brand that will be titled, “New Stories of America.” The channel can be found at http://www.break.com/levis.

Developed by Creative Lab, the creative content shop within Break Media, the mockumentaries are designed to tell stories in a way that will engage Break’s much sought after young male audience. The short videos are the latest digital component of the Levi’s brand’s “Go Forth” marketing campaign which launched in July 2009 and is targeted at the young male demographic.

“Creating content that really engages the young male audience online is the challenge we confront every day on our team,” said Jonathan Small, VP of Creative Lab and Editorial at Break Media. “We thought these mockumentaries and their humorous take on quirky, fun, offbeat events would offer an opportunity for Levi’s to promote their brand through content that guys would really respond to.”

“This branded mockumentary concept developed by Break’s Creative Lab captured our attention because it injects humor and fun to our 'Go Forth' campaign message that we’re confident will resonate with the young male demographic we’re trying to reach,” said Megan O’Connor, Director of Levi’s Digital Marketing.

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